Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What Word Would You Choose?

I was listening to NPR radio on the way home when a story came on about a New York Times article.  The columnist had asked his readers, "If you could get rid of ONE word in the dictionary, which word would it be?"

There were an assortment of categories, from "curse words", to socially unacceptable to some of the funniest choices I've ever heard.  I remember three...well, if you don't count "Awesome!" and "Dude!"

Phlegm: which one reader said just sounded nasty.

Moist: to which the writer wondered how weather forecasters,  bakers and porn film makers would survive without its use.

And the winner, which never even crossed my mind, was Slacks. (That's "Trousers", for you across the pond readers).  The writer said that word brought to mind, "Bad polyester pants (yes, another word we use for trousers) from the early 1970s in either plaid or "Sansabelt".  I think of these as "Dad pants", as they were made to be worn without a belt and many a businessman Dad in my childhood wore them because they seemed to stay wrinkle free, no matter what you did.  :)  

So, curious soul that I am, what word would YOU kick out of the dictionary and why?


Rachel Fox said...

Oh no, we've had 'slacks' too. You don't hear it much these days (more 'slackers'...) but it's been here.

I think I'd have to lose 'diarrhoea' (I think you spell it slightly differently over there). I always have to check the spelling in the dictionary and I hate pretty much everything about it (wordwise and otherwise).


hope said...

Rachel: yep, that's a pretty nasty one. We spell it, diarrhea...and yes, I had to spellcheck that!

Anonymous said...

Antidisestablishmentarianism Why? Who the hell ever uses it except for it's the longest word in the dictionary...or was. Plain ass stupid if you ask me.

Peggy said...

I can't think of one word, yet I know there are many;
I'll try and get my act together ad come back.