Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday in the country...with Alberto waving hello

Tropical Storm Alberto is kicking up his breezy heels in the front yard today. There's an archery tournament this weekend across the road, (the outdoor range is in the woods, so it cuts down the wind some) and Hubby is stuck in his shop.  He called the house to tell me about a "Photo Op" in the front yard: a flock of white cowbirds.  The wind had them on the move, hopping up and down, or scurrying around like Chicken Little thinking the sky was falling.

And although I didn't really travel anywhere but AWAY from work on my vacation,  I did purchase a little bit of Island Charm...and pretended I could hear the ocean and smell salty air.

I've never seen a Hibiscus with a "braided trunk" but she's bloomed one lovely red flower every other day for 2 weeks now.

An all American Sunday in the Country.  Hopefully that Field of Weeds will soon become a crop of something other than Ragweed, Goldenrod  and Dog Fennel!

The porch also has just a hint of Mexico in the lovely Portulaca in our hanging, make that SWINGING, baskets.

Not exactly your usual early warning system for weather, but this is a big and heavy wind chime....which has been standing sideways for half the morning.
 Wishing y'all smooth sailing into a new week.


Ponita in Real Life said...

A rather breezy day! Hopefully Alberto will blow himself right outta steam before he gets any closer.

Those cowbirds... are they egrets? Other than the peachy feathers on head and breast, they look like egrets. We have egrets up here (summer only, of course) but they are all white. Nice photo op, though!

savannah said...

high times for sure, sister hope! at least y'all had some sun. it's been grey and wet and DAMN COLD around here all day! loved the tour, sugar! ;~) xoxoxox

Evalinn said...

What a pretty flower! :-)

Anonymous said...

Cowbirds? LOL They aren't Egrets? Oh whatever I do like your name better for them. Hmmm I've never seen a Hibiscus like that either. Ours is so old out in the yard that it's just a huge trunk. Beautiful flower. Love love love all the other photos. Doesn't look like Alberto was causing that much of a problem to ya. Love that American Flag in all the pics :) Beautiful yard ya have there. Now just remember tomorrow you go back to work. You are nice and refreshed and raring to go LOL

hope said...

Ponita: Yep, they're egrets. It's funny. I've ALWAYS called them egrets but the Farmers often refer to them as cowbirds, because you frequently see them in cow pastures. Used that term out of habit.:)

Sav: Alberto is muy mixed up! Seems like he BACKED UP to Georgia instead of moving on. Time will tell.

Evalinn: thank you!

Thom: see first answer re: birds. I've never seen a hibiscus like that either, which is why I got it. The one we had when I was a kid was more of a bush. Ah yes, the yard is 5 acres, which Hubby likes until mowing season. :) Not so sure I like the "work" word, but since we had an informal charity meeting this afternoon, I've been working for the last I need a break from vacation I guess. :)

Rachel Fox said...

Pretty pics.

Titus said...

I like cowbirds! Egrets always sounds like baby eagles to me.