Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sign of the Times

In an effort to combat all the political signs popping up around the country, we added a new one of our own yesterday.  Bou thought you'd like to see it.

And for those of you who have a sense of humor, I thought you might appreciate the sign I created. It seems that when you go from a dirt, country driveway to a paved one, all of a sudden everyone is a race car driver.  

My first attempt, the top sign, didn't help.  So the second addition was my own design....and sometimes, it even works.  


Anonymous said...

Bou was so clever showing us the sign. It's a beauty. I love yours as well...especially the addition. Problem with it though...do people actually read? LOL

Ponita in Real Life said...

Love the sign Bou is so proudly showing off!

Perhaps people drive too fast to see those others? Crazy drivers out there these days...