Monday, April 9, 2012

Now Let Me Ask You A Question

Such a simple beginning was often how newsman Mike Wallace began an interview.  And it was often the last time he was smiling because he wanted to get to the bottom of the truth.  The real truth.  Not the media version.

Wallace has passed away at age 93 and I wonder if today's "news" people even know who he is, much less how he accomplished it. That telling the truth part, I mean. 

Mike Wallace was once asked when he "knew" he'd become a household name. His answer was, "There are three things Americans dread hearing.  You need a root canal.  The IRS just called.  And Mike Wallace is at the front door."

I wonder what St. Pete said when Wallace showed up at the Pearly Gates.  :)


Anonymous said...

Oh Shit!!!!!

Titus said...

Not a name I've heard of, hope, but he sounds like I should have.

hope said...

Thom: wonder how many just dropped dead after opening the door?

Titus: He was on a news program here called "60 Minutes" which followed several stories. I thought I'd been watching that most of my life: site says it began in 1968. I always thought of him as a cross between an intelligent pit bull and someone's Dad on the verge of lecturing. His redeeming quality was the search for the truth.

Kay G. said...

St. Peter might have asked for an autograph. I like to think that the saints have a sense of humor.