Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Clematis, Part 2

Seems I was so happy to see that little Clematis, I didn't give her time to open up and shine.  It's a little cloudy out this afternoon, but she's sunny.


septembermom said...

She is clearly sunny and beautiful. Thanks for the picture :)

savannah said...

gorgeous bloom, sugar! the last rain that came thru here dashed everything in my garden! :(


(the MITM loved your last comment at my place!)

Titus said...

Hello. We've just had snow.

hope said...

septembermom: you're so welcome. And now the rain is making her glisten!

Sav: the rain has come through once today and is about to be back with more. Good thing I got a pic. Hope all's better in your world. x

Titus: what?! Mother Nature is losing her mind.

Ponita in Real Life said...

We're supposed to get snow on Sunday. It won't last... Let Mother Nature clean up. I sure won't be lifting a shovel!!

I grew up with a clematis running wild in our back yard. I loved it! And I love yours too. :-)