Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Well it's been five months in my temporary broom closet office.

Today, they put up a "Penny for Progress" sign at my Center.  It's a signal that work done on a building was paid for by a referendum passed by the community.

A signal.

I hope it's a sign that they might actually start doing some work!


Anonymous said... about a penny for your thoughts :)

Ponita in Real Life said...

Five months and they haven't started yet???? Ouch.

savannah said...

five months? not bad for government work, sugar! ;) xoxoxox

mapstew said...


It's almost Friday! :¬)


hope said...

Thom: my thoughts are getting evil after finding out today there is NO deadline to finishing...only to do as much as possible before the money alotted runs out! They're building a new you think I'm gonna fare?

Ponita: they invented the word slow.

Sav: I hope we get that charity going so I can run away from this crap!

Map: and then some! Go have a beer for me, will ya?