Saturday, March 24, 2012

One Step at a Time

Been busy doing my homework and paperwork for what we hope will soon be a new charity.  I've been keeping most of this pretty close to the vest...except for telling you, my good blogger buddies, who are the greatest support group ever!

Every time I feel overwhelmed by red tape, I remember photos like this one I recently took when a group of Wounded Warriors were trying their hand at some outdoor range shooting.  Part of archery is spending time looking for what didn't hit the target.
It's easy to get discouraged when dealing with government regulations.  Trying to focus on the good we'll be able to do will keep me on target.  

As a friend told me recently, "Leap of faith, girl.  Leap of faith."

Our buddy above didn't lose his sense of humor when the IED took his leg.  If he can handle that, I can keep filling out paperwork.

So say a prayer, whistle a happy tune...whatever it is you do to offer encouragement that life will take us where we're suppose to be.  Thanks!


Ponita in Real Life said...

For a second there, I thought those were real piggies!!!!

Thumbs up and whistling a very happy tune, Hope! You and Hubby (and everyone else who is involved in this) are doing a fantastic thing. Hats off to you all.

Titus said...

I had to look at the pigs twice too!

And you go girl, as I believe the expression is.

I know, all too well, how the world of doing good gets tied up in risk assessments, key performance indicators and outputs and outcomes (measurable). Don't start me on funding applications!
But press on, and you're so right, remember the individuals it's all with and for.

hope said...

Ponita: imagine my surprise the day they unpacked those targets in my backyard and I didn't know. Looked out the window and saw a bear, mountain lion, pigs. a gator and a dinosaur! Thanks for the kinds words.

Titus: yep, those little piggies look real alright. I keep thinking about what the guy in the photo told me, about stepping on an IED on Easter of all days. Yet he has such a sense of humor! Thanks for keeping me going.

savannah said...

LOL i think we all had to take a second look at the piggies, sugar! all the best to you and The Hubby for making this wonderful project happen. xoxoxoxo