Monday, March 26, 2012

Maybe I Wished Too Hard

My idea of hell has arrived in buckets: pollen!  It's early, it's overly abundant and no matter what medical miracle concoctions I take, it's still going to overwhelm me for one day.

Today's that day.

I'll spare you the gross details of feeling like slug slime.  Let's just say tomorrow will be a better day.  Why?  Because yesterday, tired of itching just for breathing, I wished for rain.  And our blue sky suddenly began to look like this:

Our lovely dogwood...
despite the danged electric lines that ruin afternoon shots!

 And then the wind began to blow....

A look from across the road. 
At this point,
 I was just glad not to see the Wicked Witch or Toto 
go flying past. 
 It knocked the petals off the Dogwood tree so fast
 it looked like snow!

Maybe by this afternoon, my nose will work again.
Or, Mother Nature will simply make more pollen
and I'll adjust.
Like I do every year.


mapstew said...

Hope you feel better in the morn! (I'm out in sympathy with ya, not pollen but a godawful headcold!) But the beer helps! :¬)

(And we're having sunshine, and heat, and summery weather!)


Titus said...

Wow to that storm sky! What an incredible blue.

Slug slime?! Surely not. But hope this does improve things, if only temporarily.

savannah said...

i hear you, sister hope! same problem around here and us with a mess o'oaks in the front and behind the house! *sigh* all the best to you! xoxoxoxox

hope said...

Map: the rain helped but I'll still be sneezing for a month. If you drink a beer for me, will that clear my head? ;)

Titus: that sky got so dark so fast it was scary! Head still weighs too much for my body but it will go away eventually. The slime, not the head. :)

Sav: yikes! The pine tree is my enemy. Once everything calms down, the 5 huge pecans start up!