Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day Y'all!

Raising a glass to toast our Irish friends...
and no, not with green beer!  

We had an in-house leprechaun once, 
but seems that when there was no pot o' gold, 
he wasn't treated very well.

Smokey always knew how to show his disgust.
So raise a glass to the Irish friends who warm our hearts,
with a nod to the Irish genes some of us found entwined in the family tree.
And a godspeed and warm embrace to Ken Armstrong, 
whose Da departed Ireland last week to go sing with the angels.


Anonymous said...

Same to you my friend.

mapstew said...

Lá féile Pádraig shona duit mo chara! (",)


hope said...

@Thom: what? I thought you were glued to your new toys with no time for us? ;)

Map: ah, ya silver tongued devil. (Yes, I looked it up) Hug your Irish crew for me.

Ken Armstrong said...

Thanks for the kind mention and warm greetings from the heart of Ireland. x