Thursday, March 22, 2012

Friday 55

Spring is sprung and between sneezes, I wrote a story.  Make sure you share your blooming 55 with the g-man

She read beneath an old cypress in the park,
birdsong weaving into the Cherokee legends.

Cloaked in the words,
she mentally walked wooded trails,
 Indian companion softly speaking.
Whispering tales as old as time.  

“I already KNOW!” a man screeched loudly, 
shattering her peace.
“Tebow is going to New Yawk!”

Reality, she sighed, was loud.


Brian Miller said...

sometimes it is...and i would much rather be listening to the bird song..

moondustwriter said...

there is that to break the reverie..
hope you find a gr8 reading spot for the weekend

Titus said...

Great! Lovely scene setting and great finish. I'm guessing American Football for the surname?

G-Man said...

Oh Hope....
You just had to throw in the Football jab eh?
Other than the Tebow reference, I Loved your 55!!
Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

Lydia said...

This is so very fine and so very fun!
Reminds me of my own reality: Three days ago we had quite an unexpected snowstorm in my part of Oregon, and I was out taking a short video of snow falling on the blossoms of our plum tree. It was so quiet, and I was lost in the moment when the teenage kid across the street brought his cell phone out to the porch and screamed into it: "Let me talk to MOM!"

hope said...

Brian:the birds were better...the man was LOUD!

Moondustwriter: living out in the country, there's always a good spot.

Titus: yep, American football. This man was so loud even the birds gave him the evil eye.

g-man: I wasn't the one who brought it up...the dude with the loud New Yawk accent was. :)

Lydia: I hate when peace is shattered by the unnecessary. :)

Linc said...

Loud indeed. But in the interim, some very nice things to be had. Well done :)