Monday, March 19, 2012

Annual Tradition

With a nod to my hero, Ogden Nash, this will always signal Spring to me.

Spring is sprung.
The grass is riz.
I wonder where
the flowers iz?

The bird is on the wing.
Now isn't that absurd?
I always thought the wing
was on the bird. 

Well, Chicken George doesn't really have wings,
but he does display a sense of humor.


Anonymous said...

LOL to funny. And rather clever.

Ponita in Real Life said...

I LOVE Chicken George!! I remember the post about his creation! If I had a yard, I would so want one (or many) of those!!!

We had a good spring downpour last night. We've had many record breaking temps (high) in the past 10 days. It's been summerlike, never mind springlike!!! Hope all is well with you, the Hubby and that big galoot of a dog. :-)

mapstew said...

Ya, getting all Springy here too! Got another good walk in today, keep this up and I can soon stop 'holding in' the belly! (I like to be 'Speedo Fit' for summer!) :¬)


hope said...

Thom: I love Ogden Nash! If he couldn't find a word, he made it up. :)

Ponita: we've had the weirdest weather in years around here! Probably 3 "real" days of winter, the rest of the time seasonably warm! Hubby is fine and the dog, Bou, has a birthday on Thursday. According to the "dog age" chart, he'll be 48 in human years.

Map:thought of you today as my new audiobook is "Angela's Ashes", read by the was donated by Charlie, a.k.a. Prof. Worm, may he RIP.

Titus said...

He's looking very dapper! New paint job or do you look after him really well over the winter?
Or does he migrate...

G-Man said...

That doesn't look like a Motorcycle!

hope said...

Titus: either he's a tough old bird or the fact we had all of 2 days that qualified as "winter like" this year helped him keep his glow.

g-man:spring theme, not biker dude theme. ;)