Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ripple Effect

Back here I shared with you the story of Jorge, an Army soldier who’d flown from his base in Germany to compete in an archery clinic as part of the Wounded Warriors Project.   Through the kindness of strangers, when Jorge’s bow broke beyond repair, South Carolina archers came to the rescue.  After the archers were done digging into their pockets, Jorge was presented with a new bow they had paid for.

It’s all about ripples.  How one person really can positively effect those around him/her.

So one goodhearted guy, (that would be Hubby) reached out to a brotherhood of archers to provide for one of their own in need, far from home.  New friendships are formed, which aids the healing process.  Yesterday Hubby received a call from Jorge’s friend, Al, who’s also in the Wounded Warrior Project and was present the day the bow was presented.

Yep, another ripple.

Seems that when they returned to their base in Germany, Al shared this story of southern kindness.  The locals were so moved, they dug into their own pockets.  Their collected funds purchased a Kevlar backstop and archery targets.  They’ve  set up an indoor space in the local community center so the archers now have a warm, dry place to practice and forge new friendships.

So the next time someone tells you one person can’t make a difference, think of Jorge and Al.  And Hubby.

Excuse me while I go give Hubby a well deserved hug, while he remains ever the humble soul who was just happy to help out a guy in need.    


JeannetteLS said...

would you please tell Hubby that the day I read your story I donated money to Wounded Warriors and put a link on my blog? Not that I get all the traffic in the world, but you never know! Your story touched me to my core.

Anonymous said...

One simple gesture turns into something worldwide. Go Figure. Hats off to your Hubby and of course to you :)

hope said...

JeannetteLS: Hubby is a humble, laid back kinda guy but I know he will be touched by your gesture! I'm hoping to be able to come back and report on ANOTHER ripple that I hear is in the works, but hasn't been finalized. No matter how the world seems sometimes, GOOD people do exist!

Thom: Sort of nice to realize the world isn't made up of loud political jerks, huh? Hubby gets the praise...I just added words and photos. (And I'm getting CHOCOLATE from Germany!)

Ponita in Real Life said...

Hugs to Hubby for being such a humble and caring guy! It's amazing what can happen when you reach out and help someone, even in a small way. Things kinda snowball, don't they!?!?

Mmmmm! German chocolate!!!

mapstew said...

:¬) :¬) :¬) :¬)