Saturday, February 18, 2012

No, I'm Not Lost. Really.

I have, however, been "chosen" to help with the paperwork to form the "Crossroads Wounded Warrior Archery Foundation". I think there was a vague promise that, if all the OTHER promises come to fruition, I could have a new career in my future.

What a thought.  Getting paid to care about/aid people I already find amazing!

I will omit the part where the generous kindness of strangers and ongoing love fest is only slightly marred by governmental regulations.  It's so much easier to be kind when that stuff isn't involved.  Sigh.

I'll keep you up-to-date.  Why yes, even if you wish I'd just shut up already.

Spent this afternoon in Hubby's shop with 3 more soldiers: 2 women and the guy they drug along who's been prone to staying in his room after injury.  By the time he left, we'd turned him into a regular magpie!  On top of it all, they brought gifts for Hubby and me! 

Silly soldiers...don't they know the gift of themselves as strong survivors is truly enough?  Their smiles and hugs are just icing on the cake.


mapstew said...

:¬) :¬) :¬)


Anonymous said...


Ponita in Real Life said...

Wow! Great news all round! Wouldn't that be fantastic if this turned into a career for you!!! Hugs are highly underrated and I'm glad those two dragged their buddy along. It sure does a body (and mind) good to know there are strangers out there who really do care. xoxoxo

Titus said...

That's just lovely, and I'm sure only good can come of it.

G-Man said...

When I buy my cross bow I'm buying it from your Hubby!

JeannetteLS said...

There is nothing like getting paid for work that fills you up in all the right ways. People do get paid for things like this, and why shouldn't YOU be the one. I think that this is great and I hope that all the potential snags get tackled and conquered so it comes to fruition.

All this from a simple,marvelous act of kindness by your husband, yes? Your modest husband. I love it.

It was good to catch up with your postings. I fell behind in many things last week, EXCEPT my art, that is. All good thoughts.

hope said...

Thanks y'all!

Must be my week to "write". I have the monthly newsletter at work due Friday, (already finished the one for the seniors, just have to print it) and now I've been added to ANOTHER committee at work to prepare the "Report to the People." Why? Because I'm the only one from the original staff of almost 20 years ago! I hear we're going to be "leaning" on me to get the job done. Sigh.

Too bad they didn't pursue this last year when it was first mentioned. Now we're under the gun from the local politicians to get it done and distributed by April! I muttered, "Is this where I don't tell y'all it took over 3 months to do one of these reports?"

Ah well, we do have faster communication now and lots will go online. Just yell at me from time to time, okay?