Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Just Being Silly

Maybe it was "tolerating" a root canal today (actually, the shot of Novocaine was the worst part!) and being numb for hours afterwards.  At any rate, Susan (you know, our Irish Blogger friend known for Microfiction Mondays, who came to America, got a job and stopped blogging!)  shared this today and it made me giggle.  

If you're stumped, sing the next line.
 And then tell me how long it takes 
to get that tune out of your head!


Ponita in Real Life said...

Um... I would have to know the song, right? I am stumped... completely! Sing it for me?

Yeah, the numbness that takes a good part of the day to fade, feeling fat lipped, the drooling when you don't even know you've done it, or the biting of tongue or cheek. Those are most annoying. The shot itself? Indeed it burns. But for me, the worst part is the jitters I get from each shot because I am sensitive to the epinephrine they put in with the novocaine to constrict the blood vessels (to minimize bleeding). My heart rate goes up and my hands shake, but it is preferable to having the novocaine wear off partway through a procedure! Been there, tried that... never again, thanks.

Hope your tooth is all better now. :-)

hope said...

Pon: I just realized that maybe this is a little "too" American, even for a bad pun.

The song is "Putting on the Ritz". The type of cracker the face is on is called a "Ritz" cracker here. And that's Russian Vladimir Putin's face..."Putin on a Ritz".

Go ahead. Groan. Then throw something at me. I'll blame it on the root canal. :)

As for the root canal, the dentist actually numbed my gum, THEN hit me with the needle. Never felt a thing. Because of the epinephrine I did forgo my sinus meds so I didn't vibrate out of the chair. Shortest one he's ever done on me: 45 minutes start to finish!

Only thing hurts now is my jaw from being open so long.

Brian Miller said...

haha...on the

saw over at g's that you have been to the root canal and back...ack...been there not a lot of fun...

JeannetteLS said...

I shall have to hurt you if ever we meet. Now I am SINGING THAT SONG. Hate. I'm talkin' HATE.

or not.

hope said...

JeannetteLS: punishment enough...soon as you mentioned it, that song got stuck in my head again. :)