Sunday, January 15, 2012

Off today on an expedition for...

...birthday cake!

Yes, there are more candles involved than here, 
but at least they haven't started using the "number" candles.  
Gonna co-celebrate with Hubby's baby sister,  
who's birthday was Friday.

Years of candles and years of wishes....
but sadly
my hair remains baby fine. 

Guess that's better than bald, huh?


Ponita in Real Life said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a fabulous day, with cake and candles and family.

mapstew said...

Happy Birday! :¬)

(Wossrongabald?) :¬)


steven said...

hope what's wrong with fine hair?!!!! happy birthday to the lady with one of my most favourite ever words for her name!!! steven

Rachel Fox said...

Our birthdays must be pretty close! Have a good time.

hope said...

Sorry y'all...going back to work messes with the response time. :)

Pon: thanks, I did!

Map: thanks. Hey, the hairless thing looks wonderful...on you. ;)

steven: nothing except I fear my Dad's old retort of, "Mine didn't turn grey, it turned loose!"

Rachel: they are...I just beat you to the cake first. :)