Tuesday, December 6, 2011

For Titus:

Visit Titus here for an explanation of how this stealth poetry left in a shop during December works.

This was my attempt for 2011.  Unfortunately the cell phone shot isn't that great, so I've listed the words beneath it.  And for the record, I DO NOT condone violent shoppers.  I'm just saying being a short woman in holiday crowds has left me a little less than jolly on occasion.  :)

Hunt for Bargains.
Pushed and shoved.
Women may be gatherers.
But now I understand
why Cavemen shopped
with club in hand.


Titus said...

Oh, so good! And on a Christmas Bag as well! Bravo a bundle.

How did it feel? I keep thinking it's going to get easier, but it actually doesn't.

Titus said...

And you've got to tell Niamh! She's the mother of us all.

hope said...

Titus: it was funny. Usually you don't run into anyone in that store: there's always at least one vacant aisle. As I made my way toward the Christmas aisle, I kept running into the same clerk...I almost yelled at him, "Can't you work somewhere else so I can pretend to be stealthy!?" :) Probably why the camera shot is a not quite in focus mess.

On to tell "Mother" Niamh...I couldn't remember who then you posted a link!

Steve Bailey said...

That is awesome.... and probably very very true!

Peter Goulding said...

Oh well done you! I imagine that should bring a smile to someone's lips

Niamh B said...

I love it! And such a great poem, very funny - it'll cheer up someone's shopping trip for sure.

The Bug said...

Excellent! I ALWAYS go shopping with a club (or at least a ham-handed fist). I'm not really very gracious.

Gerry Snape said...

Titus...I had forgotten about this ...so now I know the shop, I have to think of the poem and then take the pic! will get back!

hope said...

Steve: I still fight the urge to shop like a guy as I don't have the "girls like shoes" gene. :)

Peter: Thanks! Hope to be reading one of yours soon.

Niamh: thanks for giving me a goal to aspire to which is fun!

The Bug: I hate shopping ...can you tell? :)

Gerry: good luck to you.

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