Sunday, November 6, 2011

Argh! It's been a Weird Week!

Five weeks of life in my closet of an office with no windows and STILL no work has begun on my Center.  But bottom of the barrel this week was going to the dentist for my 6 month cleaning, only to have him say, "Um, you've got trouble!"  Seems my lovely asthma medication (which I've been weaning off of anyway) is doing bad things to my teeth.  After they were all shiny clean, he filled one and I left with his words ringing in my ears, "You'll need a root canal and crown on the one beneath it."

Merry Christmas?  Happy New Year?  Nope...not getting that done until 2012..when I'm suppose to be on vacation?!

For those of you who don't care for hunting, please stick with me long enough to view Mother Nature at her weirdest moment of creativity.  I'll preface this with Hubby doesn't hunt for sport, we consume what he harvests.  Deer don't get huge around here, but the mature ones usually have antlers with 8 "points".  Hubby got one last week that had TWENTY!  Take a look...I swear it looks like tree limbs.  You should be able to click on the photo to enlarge it...middle photo is from a back angle.

If you tried counting and didn't reach 20, blame it on my photography. Sorry.  The little "devil horns" in the front kinda creeped me out.

Come Monday, I'll be outta here until Thursday.  Hoping for smooth sailing this week, I'm taking 16 senior citizens on a 3 day jaunt to the beach.  Ah the fun of carpooling in a caravan when a bus isn't available! In case you're wondering, this is a group I'll have to keep up WITH, not push around. You know the world has changed when you're giving seniors your cell phone  number to put in their cell phones in case of emergency.  My Grandmothers would never have been farther than yelling distance on a trip.
However, our first night has us dining here.  Can't wait to see how that turns out.  They don't give you silverware with dinner, you know.  You eat with your fingers and drink out of a glass jar.  Argh, me hearties!

So till we meet again, Mateys.  Just hope no one asks me to walk the plank.  It would break my Dentist's heart.


Jerry said...

Take me along with you....I'll be the one struggling way behind. But, I wanna' see the Pirates Show. Sounds like fun.

steven said...

arrrrrrhhhh eat hearty then! steven

hope said...

Jerry: it was great and the food was more than I could eat!

steven: didn't eat a lot but did get my picture taken with a pirate. I had to. I graciously said, "No thanks" to which this very large man dressed as a pirate said in a deep voice, "No, we have to shoot everyone. You'll have picture with me!"

I held still because he clamped an arm around me and wouldn't let me move. :) And no, I didn't purchase the picture.

Nance said...

Greetings from another S. Carolinian. That makes three of us who are able to read and write, that I know of. How was that pirate thing? I might want to take my grandson next time he comes to visit.

hope said...

Hi Nance! Actually, I enjoyed the Pirates Voyage more than I thought! I'd taken the group years ago when it was "Dixie Stampede" and this was much more entertaining: sort of Cirque de Soleil meets Pirates. Don't know how young your grandson is, but the pace constantly changes: one minute pirates are swinging from the masts of ships with others doing gymnastics on the side, then a slower number with Dolly Parton singing as mermaids are lowered from the ceiling. My favorite was "Davy Jones Locker" when pirates emerged from the black lights. Ending is a little noisy but there's audience participation AND live animals. Worth the was good too!