Monday, October 3, 2011

Day One: It Begins

Let's just say everyone in my new "temporary" office was so nice to me today, I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Thankfully I'm in the office suite with "The Guys" of the Athletic Dept., which means it will NOT be 99 degrees by the end of the week.  We have agreed if they keep it too cool, I have sweaters.

I love my sweaters.

I also now have lots of shiny new keys, the alarm code, a computer updated after 2 years of sitting alone and a file cabinet which smells oddly like stored floor cleaner, but I can fix that.  The missing ceiling tile "hole" was covered within hours of me mentioning it.  I guess other people just don't have to look up as much as short little me does.

Half the co-workers seem to be in a scavenger hunt to find me a phone that works, I now have a pantry only I can access by key...which means all the stuff stored on my back porch at home can go there to roost.  And the Boss knows where there are a pair of matching chairs and a small table to make my, office...prettier.

The real test is tomorrow, when the Tuesday Lunch group arrives.  That will make me or break me.  The card players were fine this afternoon...they're in love because they've discovered the ice machine.  But it's the Tuesday Regulars that will tell the tale.

So as I sit in my windowless office (I brought a 'window' from home; a multi-section frame filled with photos of OUTSIDE) and wait for the computer to get past "Loading #8 of 88 updates", don't forget to tap on the screen.

No, not to wake me up.  To ensure they don't get so attached to me, they won't let me back out.


mapstew said...

You are gonna be just fine! :¬)


JeannetteLS said...

It's only a movie... wait. No. It's your life. What mapstew said. Triple that. You will probably be more than fine, and in the meantime, for some reason you are entertaining us.

In order to be able to offer the real compassion, you really should not be writing posts that make me laugh. But thank you for doing it anyway.

And working phones are over-rated.

Ponita in Real Life said...

You brought your own window! That's brilliant!!

I am sure all will be fine with the Tuesday regulars. Just as all will be fine with you in your temporary digs. I'll make sure I say "temporary" loudly to the screen when I tap it. ;-)

Titus said...

This is getting increasingly Kafka-esque!

I'm fascinated by the pantry. What's in the pantry? It sounds like giant chickens.

hope said...

Map: you need to tell me that at least once a week until I return to my REAL office. :P x

JeannetteLS:hey, if I didn't laugh, I'd cry. And that would re-block my pollen infested head. So I laugh...and bring you with me. :)

Ponita: I would truly be nuts without a "window". I feel like a plant: I have 6 huge windows in my old office which are mid-wall up to ceiling. (Old school house). Just about the time I got use to it, a Sr. walked in and said, "Oh my, they stuck you in the closet."

Titus: it's what they took OUT of the pantry that worried me. But after they swept and wiped off the shelves, I can now store cookware, serving pieces and plates/cups etc. without worrying that some rental group will grab things up because obviously, ANYTHING in a County building must belong to the people. Yeah, except when my seniors paid for it!

Thanks for all the taps. :)