Friday, October 21, 2011

And now a word from the Kid

Just wanted you to know there's no need for anyone 
to gather a search party.  
hope was under the weather earlier this week, 
so she asked me to look in and see if y'all are okay.

You look fine to me.

Carry on.  And have a great weekend!

No, she can't speak with you right now,
it's time for my dinner.

And to make my point,
I just shoved the keyboard away with my nose.


mapstew said...

Aw shucks! Thanks pal! I do hope herself is feeling much better!

Have a good weekend, bury stuff, dig it up again, find some nice lamp-posts to.... ya know.

You too hope, 'cept for the burying, digging and lamp-post stuff! :¬)


Titus said...

That's a good looking dog!

Monkey Man said...


Rachel Fox said...

Cute nurse!

hope said...

Yep. No matter how crappy life gets, little ol' Bou is always ready to lick your face. Oh, he thinks they're kisses but it's more like a sponge bath!