Sunday, September 25, 2011

Just Another Lazy Sunday

Well, depending on your idea of lazy, I suppose.

Hubby is manning the boat as two of his buddies go Gator hunting.  Don't worry, this isn't a story about hunting, just setting the scene.  

Now, before everyone starts yelling "Evil!" or PETA, you should know the alligator population around here is out of control.  Years ago, gators were the point they overpopulated.  And when that happens, literally anything is game as far as their dinner is concerned.  Since we live near a lake, we hear more about "nuisance" gators than most folks....those would be the ones no longer afraid of people, who think that poodle running around a lake front home's yard is a mobile hors d'oeuvre.

However, with responsibility comes a price: only 1,200 hunters are selected statewide for the 30 day season and they pay $110 for a gator tag...whether they get a gator or not.  I don't worry about Hubby, I worry about the guys he sometimes takes with him.  I fear they may maim HIM when they suddenly realize that gators, especially up close and personal, resemble prehistoric monsters.

So while the guys are on the lake/river, Bou and I took this opportunity to work on the Annual Shop Calendar.  Hubby and I've debated about my even doing this annual surprise that isn't a surprise any more for Christmas.  Until Smokey died, I've done 11 calendars, mostly featuring Smoke, then with Bou added.  With Smokey gone, it was a tough call.

Until I decided to go a different way with it...and truly make it Bou's calendar.  Which is why this year, rather than the business name as calendar title, it's called "Bou's Backyard"....where the business just happens to be located.

Over the years, poor Smoke went through trying times as I came up with new concepts.  Why he never bit me is beyond me.  Heaven knows I deserved it at times, begging him to be still for just one more minute.

Bou, on the other hand, is a ham.  Rather than make him work around the calendar, I made myself work around him.  Oh sure, there were some shots where he gave me that, "There had BETTER be a ride in this after we're done!" expression.  Secretly, I think he liked being the center of attention.

One of Bou's favorite things to do is howl.  Or "sing" as Hubby and Bou consider it.  Hubby will howl once...and Bou takes over, head high in the air.  Because I merely sit and giggle,  Bou thinks girls can't howl.  He's even come over and nudged me, as if I only need encouragement to get started.  I've resisted.

Until now.
SO here's the result of what happened when....
(a)  No Hubby was home to witness my stupidity
(b)  No neighbors were close enough to call the cops
(c)  Bou is now convinced I am truly part of his pack.  Why?  Because to get these shots, I had to howl.  Enthusiastically!

Here's the wind up...
with a suspicious, "Um, why are YOU howling?"

The startled, 
"By jove, I think she's got it!" 

And then......

Rock stars, eat your heart out!

Map, I think Bou may soon be available for international duets.
As for me, I'm much more comfortable
the camera.

Just remember, 
this is OUR little secret.


JeannetteLS said...

I will not tell a soul... Promise... but this entry was FUN. shhhhhh...

steven said...

hope isn't it so good to be crazy!!! cool pics, cool dog, cool you! steven

mapstew said...

'Stew & Bou' ?

I like the sound of that! :¬)


Corker2 said...

That's pretty good. I won't tell!

savannah said...

i soooooooo get this, sugar! ;) xoxoxox

Ponita in Real Life said...

Excellent!!! At least, he will make noise. When I still had Zoë, there was nothing I could do that would induce any sound other than a small frustrated whine out of her. That dog never barked or howled. I wish you would put up a video of Bou "singing"!!! ;-)

Titus said...

I love that last shot! Completely abandoned to the music.

CD to go with it?