Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'm Still Here But... mind is in survival mode.

The good news is the Seniors' center is getting renovated.

The bad news is I have to move out in October until the work is completed.  Hopefully in my life time. 

Did I mention it's the Main Office I'm moving too?  Where they find me oh-so-helpful.  I fear if I'm seen sitting still for 10 minutes I'll inherit a new project to complete for them.  Then again, the spare office is located in the suite with the Athletic Department guys.   

Did I mention it smells like a locker room?  Literally.

The survival part is trying to figure out how much of 18 years of work stuff I need to put in a box to bring to an office I don't wish to sit in.

So when I get tired of thinking, I come here to visit you.  Which reminds me of a sign which use to hang in the office of one of my Dad's co-workers.

When I works, I works hard.
When I plays, I plays loose.
But when I thinks, I falls asleep.

So kindly make sure you tap on the screen every now and then to make sure I'm awake.  

Or haven't somehow packed myself in a box.



Titus said...

Oh yikes. Is that really the only option option available?

You'll just have to do what I did at Trinity Road CID (busiest station ever).
3 basic survival skills:

1. Always oooch your way into the Major Incident room. Once you're on a Major Incident they can't give you those 15 burglaries to look at. Or the 35 DSS frauds.
2. A lot of sheets of paper under one arm when walking past the Inspector's office. Mutter a bit too.
3. If all else fails, hide for a while in the ladies toilet.

If none of the above help, remember, we're thinking of you.

mapstew said...

That's a bit of a bollix! :¬)


savannah said...

YIKES!!! but i think you should follow titus' advice, sugar! xoxoxo

Ponita in Real Life said...

That just sucks! I hope you find a way to pass the time without being too helpful... or going crazy... or falling asleep in a box. I'll come back and tap on the screen tomorrow. xoxoxo

JeannetteLS said...

Titus is onto something. Also make sure that, if you have some sort of inbox on your desk, have many sheets of odd paper beneath the top projects, so it looks more backlogged. Sometimes I'd clip papers together to look like several projects and spread them over the desk so it looked as if I were drowning in work.

Of course it was only on rare occasions that any of that worked, so, I will tap on the screen several times a day for you. And just hope you get through this harried time! Escape when you can. Savannah is right. We ARE thinking of you.

hope said...

Thanks y'all..especially with the, "Who me? Sorry, I'm REALLY busy!" advice. :)

I'll keep you posted so you'll know I still have a few braincells functioning. But I expect to feel less than happy when I leave the office next Friday...and a little less than thrilled to report to my new temporary digs Oct. 3rd.

I'll just keep repeating to myself: TEMPORARY!