Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday 55

It's that means it must be time to entertain the g-man with a 55 word story.  Make sure to share with him.

When things get too hot to handle
you run out the door.
And I run in.

Act of God.
Doesn’t matter.

You don’t even know my name.
But I’d die for you.

If we’re lucky
My training will save us both.

The bell tolls. 
I respond.
Your voiced gratitude
makes it all worthwhile.
 Special thanks to my my hometown Fire Dept.
who made one of my senior citizens' wish come true
with the best tour ever!


izzy said...

I met my fire chief the other day! what a great sense of humor he has!

Brian Miller said...

a great grandad was a fireman...i will always remember how they honored his passing...and how apropo near the anniversary of 9/11

Monkey Man said...

So worthy of recognition yet recipients of so little.

G-Man said...

Sometimes a smile and a pat on the back is all one needs!
9/11 only enhances the glory and bravery of all firefighters.
Loved your 55 Hope.
Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

hope said...

izzy:must be a job requirement. Didn't meet a cranky firefighter in the bunch. :)

Brian:takes a special soul to do that job...cudos to your granddad.

Monkey Man:as fellow County employees we discussed how bad comments outdistance the good. I told them as I left, very quietly, that I truly appreciate what they do. I think they got it. Which is why I'm going to their 9/11 ceremony on Sunday morning.

G-man:there are far to Thank Yous in the world. Felt good to share a few.

Morning said...

this is GREAT,

you have captured their honorable acts in a few lines perfectly.

way to go.
you rock!

love your 55.

gautami tripathy said...

So true. I am touched..

noting it all down