Thursday, September 22, 2011

Amid the Fluff....a Hero!

During my lunch hour I usually do a lot of reading.  Sometimes it’s a book, sometimes it’s the CNN website and occasionally it’s the “News” on Yahoo.  I don’t consider Yahoo’s blurbs a Pulitzer winning news site, but it does have a way of illustrating what they believe interests the general public.  It’s usually heavy on entertainment, sports,  politics, career strategies and weird fluff.  Today I did a casual survey of the forty (40) stories listed, with a couple of  um… “highlights”.

Food/Health issues (3) Bacon (and its smoked cousins) is still bad for you, but if it helps, there’s a “perfect”  Mac ‘n Cheese recipe available.

Sports (8) A QB admits lying to the media (What?! Stop the presses!) while a so-so Basketball player is crowned Mr. Olympia.

Politics (6) The usual grumbling among Republican Presidential candidates plus a rivalry at the White House amongst the President’s economic advisers.

Military (1)  An expensive plane the US won't sell to Taiwan.

TV/Entertainment: (7) Brad Pitt apologizes (again) for foot-in-mouth disease concerning his ex, Scott Baio had lots of blonde girlfriends before marrying and Beyonce feels empowered by pregnancy.  (I think my Mom only felt nauseous). 

Just plain weird (5) Custom made cat house (for the 4 legged kind) and Starbucks’ 40th birthday celebration with a designer t-shirt featuring coffee stains…for $85.
Misc. (10)  Cities where homes sell fast, dialing for better deals, career and dating advice.  LOTS of career/dating advice.

Lately, I’ve noticed a pattern.  What use to be a “balanced” group of stories has become heavy on politics and entertainment.  Pretty soon, the Presidential candidates can just appear on the “X Factor” and save us the cost of an election.  Just about the time I was ready to push away from the computer, I found a story that made me smile and feel proud to be a normal human….meaning not a politician or movie star.

Meet my newest hero: high school junior Josh Ripley. 

No, I’m not sliding into “cougar” territory here.  But I felt like sliding  out of my chair to give this kid a standing ovation.   While participating in a 2 mile, cross country race, he heard a scream during the first mile.  No one else paid much attention to the runner writhing on the ground in pain.  But Josh did.  Rather than simply call for help, he stopped and CARRIED this kid a half mile back to the starting line.   Assured that everything was under control, he turned around and FINISHED HIS RACE!

And that my friends, is a hero in my book.


Ponita in Real Life said...

Hey, I really like your idea of politicians being chosen on X-Factor!!! And highly approve of your new hero. What a good kid!

JeannetteLS said...

Loved the line about your mom and pregnancy, but... more importantly, I totally agree with your choice for a hero. THAT is a son any mom and dad would be proud of, for sure.

Monkey Man said...

Very cool.

G-Man said...

Have a Kick Ass Week-End....G

Titus said...

Ditto to Ponita's comment - great observation on your part.

Hooray for Josh! I think I'd like a word or two with the ones who ran past.

Brian Miller said...

politics is xfactor idea may be fun just to see them grilled by simon....

hope said...

Ponita: it was just a nice change of pace to see something good! Sad to see that it has to stand out rather than be the norm.

JeannetteeLS: they should do more stories about kids like these instead of the bad ones.

Monkey Man: was, wasn't it?

G-Man: you too. Hopefully I'll be back to 55 soon!

Titus: I was thinking the same thing about the kids who thought winning was more important than being a good human.

Brian: since the Gov. seems to be constantly running out of money, I say we let them just do "X Factor" PAC $, no evil t.v. commercials, just one season of the t.v. show. :)

steven said...

i have very little to do with news and especially not the little tidbits served up on news servers that as you point out, often tend towards the puerile and distracting. i look for ideas and moments that add value to the world. much like the one you ended this post with!! steven