Thursday, August 18, 2011

Time to share those 55 word stories with the g-man.  Have a good weekend!

Tall and stately,
she stood with outstretched arms, welcoming them.

Beckoning them to join her,
they sat in the shade,
enjoying the peaceful quiet of the country.

The younger woman looked up and smiled.
“That’s it.  We’re home.”

Only in America could you buy a tree
and have an old farm house come with it.

 For the record, that's a PECAN tree, not an oak!  
She must be over 150 years old.


Nara Malone said...

Luaghing. When I went shopping for my place the number one requirement was acres of hardwood. Love this beautiful Pecan.

Brian Miller said...

smiles. for a tree like that it would be worth it...for got to have the important things...

Daydreamertoo said...

Wonderful ... what a fabulous tree. You could almost live in that! Great 55 :)

gautami tripathy said...

I want a tree like that!

a mute question

Pheromone Girl said...

You've just perfectly described the way I want to find my next home.

hope said...

Nara: Thanks! We think she's well over 150 years old. We have 4 pecans but she is the Queen!

Brian: Hubby rolls his eyes but I always tell people we bought the tree and the house came with it. :)

Daydreamertoo: I'd love to climb it but it's too far up to the starting point. ;)

guatami: maybe I should send you some seeds to grow your own. One just sprouted in the flower bed out front!

Pheromone Girl: this was truly the house of my dreams and I'm not going anywhere!

G-Man said...

Now remember...It's pronounced
Pea Kahn...Pee Can is something a truck driver uses!!
Loved your 55 Hope
Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

hope said...

Ah G-man, my father-in-law was from Michigan (U.P.) and he use to tell me a pee-can was what he kept in his boat.
Next time he asked what I baked him, I told him "Nut pie". :)

I'm southern. We pronounce it the correct way. :)

Mama Zen said...

Beautiful! I love those big, old trees.

Alice Audrey said...

We used to raise pecans. I'm wishing we still did.

TALON said...

What an amazing tree that is. Loved this 55. We bought our current house because of all the trees. Well over 100 years old and just towering and beautiful (mostly black walnut). :)

Lydia said...

What a grand Pecan tree! It is marvelous, and so is your tribute 55 to it (only in America... that was a great line!).

izzy said...

Wow! to have such a tree to enjoy- and an added bonus of a house- that is a treasure, thanks.

moondustwriter said...

I love the story - trees really can have welcoming arms - I live in Oak tree country and have climbed too many to count

thanks Hope for always having words that fit perfectly together

MorningAJ said...

I'd love a pecan tree in my garden!

Ponita in Real Life said...

Love the tree and the farmhouse! We have elm trees that are huge and old like that here in my city. Beautiful!

Olivia said...

Worth every single penny..

hugs xox