Saturday, August 27, 2011

Thanks to G-man and the Bearded One!

Sometimes you just have to do something for yourself....maybe just to prove you can.  And although it's not as exciting as having a publisher declare your words the "Next Great Thing!" it is a book.  And the words are mine.

But it wouldn't have happened without the help of two bloggers: the g-man and photographer Kim Ayres.  To g-man, for making me...I mean, encouraging me to write 55 word stories every Friday (well, almost every Friday).  And to Kim, for helping me find a way to publish those words without having to sell a major body part.  

Yes, I did block out my last you the first one is bad enough perhaps.  (Although I use the photographer's version, not the formal one).  And g-man, I hope you won't sue me for the "55" graphic...I only made one copy.  For me.  This is what I'm sharing with y'all.

What?  You don't need a've been reading this stuff for free since 2009.  ;)

1.  Yes, I did take the cover my back yard...before a storm finally got the tree.  Or was that Hubby with a chainsaw?  I forget.

2.  Yes, that kid is me.  What?  Doesn't everyone put on their shoes like that?  "Munchkim" is a play on the nickname a group of very tall co-workers once gave me: Munchkin.  Hey, they were state police and had guns, who was I to argue?

3.  Yes, I did take the time to explain what the book was all about...and to give the g-man credit  (and Irish Susan too!) for making me start down this path.

4.  No, it does not put me in the same class as my famous poet friends, but it made me feel good when I opened the package.  Besides, where else can you combine a love of writing with silly stories and the occasional baby photo. 


Kim Ayres said...

There's something realy special about holding a real book with your name on it, isn't there?

So glad you did this!

I love Blurb :)

Now I just have to finish editing my book, "Facing the Weekend" from the Open Studios event I was involved in back in May. I'm hoping to have it done in time for the Wigtwon Book Festival

savannah said...

good on you, sister hope! ;) (because you'll always be Hope to me, sugar!) xoxoxoxox

hope said...

Kim: it is! Although I was surprised how "shy" I felt when Hubby asked to read it and AMAZED that he found it enjoyable and me not insane. :) Can't wait to see your next book!

Sav: that's okay to be thought of as "hope"...better than to be thought of as hopeless. ;)

G-Man said...

This is absolutely the reason that I do "My Friday Funfest"!!
I am so proud of you I could BUST!!
Remember when you were gonna quit because you felt guilty that you didn't have the time to visit all the other 55ers?
I told you to 'Forgettabout it', life gets in the way, I read them all so you don't have to!!!
Anyway, congratulations on your great accomplishment.
(Now pardon me while I blow my nose and dab a tear)
Thanks Hope....YOU ROCK!!
You just gave me a Kick Ass Week-End!!!

hope said...

Ah G-man: get out another hanky. Half way through the book I shared that I was going to give up...until you encouraged me not to. And then I included my sassy little 55 dedicated to you. Thanks again!

Charlie said...

Congratulations, Hope. Without laying eyes on it yet, I suspect it beats a whole lotta shlock in the mainstream.

You didn't have to use your real name, you know. Bubba would have been nice, especially for a South'ren girl. Or maybe Fluffy. For BIG sales, there was Paris, Britney, Lindsay . . .

hope said...

Thanks Charlie! I left off my last name so G-man can't sue me for using his "logo" without express written permission.

Although I think I owe him a box of kleenex. :)

Ponita in Real Life said...

This is fantastic, Hope!!! Congrats and this is waaayyy cool!! xoxoxo

hope said...

Thanks Ponita! Now maybe we can spur Map on towards video land!

shug said...

How brilliant. How do I get one?
Sorry for being such a terrible blogger- a sorts of stuff going on. Congratulations again x

hope said...

Shug: I feared you'd fallen off the face of the earth this summer, but knew school would find you present and accounted for. :)

Okay, this will sound weird but "my book" was done as "private" vs. "public", which would make it for sale. I figured why would anyone want to pay for something they read for free on Fridays? And who would WANT any of my childhood photos? :)