Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Although I'm not a big Facebook fan (yes, I know..blasphemy), I think launching a plan to hack it to death, literally, is an odd hobby.   However, a group of hackers calling themselves "Anonymous" plan to do just that.  They've even given you the date: Nov. 5th.

Not all of the group is in agreement, but they have done their share of cyber damage in the past: they failed to take down Amazon recently,  but Monday they hacked the Syrian Defense Ministry and posted their own anti-government logo.  They've issued one of the creepiest sounding YouTube videos I've ever listened to.  Yes, "listened".  In order to give you that "Big Brother is Watching" feel,  there's no picture, just an electronically disguised voice.   I suppose that mix of horrified mystery is suppose to heighten the message.  

Why share this if I don't even want to stink up my playground with their video?  Because sometimes you need to know exactly who is out there in cyberspace.  You can find the whole story, and link to the video,  on the CNN website.

Thank heaven I have YOU people to converse with!


Anonymous said...

Isn't that the truth. This topic has hit Google+ :) You are amongst the truly knowledgeable in getting out this information. :)

savannah said...

i'm with you, sugar! it's a most bizarre situation! *sigh* why do the words hell in a handbasket come to mind? xoxoxo

hope said...

Thom: did you see they picked the date because it was Guy Fawkes Day? A nod to blowing up a government. Yikes!

Sav: I'm thinking the same thing!

mapstew said...

I can't even access my FB account! :¬(


Monkey Man said...

Seems such a waste of talent. Falls into the old "why can't they use there powers for good instead of evil" category.

Pearl said...

What's their point? That they CAN?

File this under "Too Much Time on Their Hands".