Sunday, August 14, 2011

Just Curious

Anyone tried Google+ yet?   (Besides Thom)   ;)  Seems like a good place to link everything in one spot.  Except when you don't want some folks in the "real world" to know who you are in the Blogging community.  ;0

It appears to be more friendly than Facebook...why yes, I did say that out loud.  If it wasn't for those of you here still commenting, I might've given up on Blog World and switched to Google + totally.  

You ARE still out there, right?  Ponita, you just nod.  Let that shoulder heal.

Have a good week!


savannah said...

haven't tried it yet. too much for my poor brain right now, sugar! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

You are my hero!!! You see why TP4WW is on hiatus? You can do everything there. I love it and I'm so glad that you are there. You know Hope that's what the circles are for. You can make yourself more private that way....It's a brilliant concept and I for one, as you know am enjoying it. I'm glad you have given it a chance.... me if my brain can handle it anyone's can...give it a try. We will welcome you with open arms.


hi hope - i've not tried it either - i'm afraid my first glance proved a bit overwhelming for my gray cells, too, - but now may check it out in greater detail - especially in light of thom's comment regarding privacy -

expat@large said...

I am on G+ with several of my friends, but apart from sending politically incorrect and salacious stuff to an *easily* defined group, er I mean circle of friends, pffft.

Apparently the Photo part is very good but I haven't used that yet as I am a terrrrrrrible photographer, particularly when it comes to salacious stuff.

Rachel Fox said...

I've found FB really handy for family contact (our family is very widespread) and we testing G+ currently. See you there..?

Ponita in Real Life said...

I'm on G+ but not much. Because I am spending time between my place and the New Beau's, computer time is sporadic even without the shoulder issue! But from what I've seen, it's pretty versatile... more so that fb ever will be.

Jannie Funster said...

Nope, I can barely keep up with my own blog let alone FB, G+ and all the other myriad social sites.

Read your last comment on my blog thoughtfully. My answer is never give up hope, Hope. You just never know what lies ahead.


hope said...

Sav: I know you have your hands full. Hope to see you there one dayl.

Thom: that goes both ways, pal! I just hesitate to add the Blog for fear someone at work will put it all together. Then again, if they're not in a circle, they can't, huh? :)

Gypsywoman, if I can do it, anyone can! All you need is an invite...and I can help with that.

ex pat: haven't had time to learn all the ins and outs at present. Just not a FB person.

rachel: THANK YOU! I might have a complete circle one day.

Ponita: one day when all's right with your world (shoulder wise) I'll try to find you on Google +

Jannie: I'm not a fan of FB: guess it often comes off as who's the most popular at high school. :) I understand lots of folks keep in touch with family but some I think just want to see how many supposed "friends" they can get. As for the other issue re: 55: we never really got along: opposite personalities was only part of it. Sad. Maybe one day she'll figure it out. Thanks for your kind comments.

Kim Ayres said...

I'm on G+, but can't figure out what to do with it. On FB I mostly play games with friends and occasionally comment on status updates, but G+ doesn't do games. All it seems to do is endless list the status updates of 1 person I know who writes something every 2 minutes - which is precisely why I never got into Twitter

hope said...

Kim: my problem is I enjoy blogging more than chatting...which is why I'll never have Twitter.

I was hoping Google+ would have the benefits of contacting people I want, without watching the family wars that some folks have on Facebook.

Does that mean I can add you to a circle? :)

Kim Ayres said...

Please do :)