Monday, August 22, 2011

A Girl Can Wish..right?

It's been hot for long enough.  The humidity is like walking underwater.  For someone with mild asthma, that's like trying to walk outdoors with an elephant standing on your chest.  And now Hurricane Irene is eyeing our coastline.  Rain....good.  Wind...BAD!

Is it any wonder that this is the photo I chose for my current screen saver at home?  Good ol' Baby Bou.

Why yes, that IS snow.  You saw the title of this post, 
didn't ya?   


Titus said...

Let's swap! One more day of rain this summer and I'm resigning. Or moving very, very South and East.

G-Man said...

You like Troy?
"Shoot him Elizabeth...
Shoot that Tree Shaker"!!!

Rachel Fox said...

Yes, you would love Scotland...

steven said...

there's a middle ground somewhere i know it. a place where there's snow on christmas day and then it's somewhere in the mid-twenties the rest of the time. it rains at night just as i'm going to bed. everybody rides bicycles or walks. artists and musicians and actors and dancers - anyone with creative talent is supported so they don't have to work. i've got a long list actually!!
the snow'll come soon enough - yes hope, you can wish for everything just like i do!!!! look at those soulful puppy eyes! steven

Peggy said...

I love the and humid here too.!
I'm getting "good"!

hope said...

Titus: wouldn't it be nice if we could put weather in a box and ship it elsewhere if we have too much of it? :)

G-man: I almost muttered motha frika the other day. :0

Rachel: I can tolerate cold better...easier to warm up than to cool down!

steven: I would be happy for middle ground for a week. :) And we only get snow around here every 3-4 years: lasts for 24 hours and it's gone.

Peggy: yeah for you! You've been on my mind. :)

So the weather is turning on me for griping: Hurricane Irene keeps eyeballing us and the windows in my office actually rattled quite a bit today thanks to that Virginia earthquake!

Mother Nature sure is in a grouchy mood!