Thursday, July 21, 2011

Friday 55

Although I'm ready for a snow storm...hey, the heat index for the past couple of days put us at 110+ (that's 43C+ for some of you) I put my melting brain to good use and wrote a 55 word story.  If you write one, kindly send it to the possibly recovered from whatever bug grabbed him  g-man.  And you can click on the last 2 words to read all about it.  :)

“A day named after you!” Peter marveled. 
“You’re a talented musician AND 
you cleaned out the town’s vermin.    
A real  hero.   
Well, until the Mayor refused to pay,  
you got mad and kept the kids.”

The Pied Piper shrugged.  “I thought he meant rugrats too.  
 Is that why they’re calling July 22nd  “Ratcatcher’s Day?”


Titus said...

I love that poem!
I have also been having stupid fantasies about a mountain, coloured tights and a load of children dressed as rats for next year's Gala.

Sorry about your heat. Been reporting it here on the BBC.

steven said...

we cracked a humidex of 48C yesterday. the chipmunks stayed in their little holes in the ground. rats? they're lying low also! steven

Brian Miller said...

ugh...actual temptoday 104...ugh...heat index higher...

ratcatchers day eh?

Alice Audrey said...

LOL. Love the last line.

G-Man said...

Ratcatcher's Day...
Sounds delightful!
Thanks for informing the World.
Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Rat Catching Week-End

Monkey Man said...

Cute stuff. Glad we aren't sweltering out here in the NW.

Mama Zen said...

There's a Ratcatcher's Day? Who knew?

Ponita in Real Life said...

We had a day during the week that felt like 47C... way too hot, even for my liking! It's the humidity that kills me. I loved San Diego when I lived there because even when it was 115F, it was so dry the sweat evaporated right away and helped keep you comfy. You just had to remember to drink 7 gallons of water a day...

"Ratcatchers Day"... I had no idea! Great 55!

Cheryl said...

Sweet one! We're broiling here too.

hope said...

Titus: we can expect the same until Monday, when the weather might drop 5 whole degrees. Sigh.

steven: I forget you have "other" weather...I'm guilty of that American thing of believing you have cooler temps than us all year round.

Brian: it's awful, isn't it?

Thanks Alice. Click on it to learn more.

G-man: they may change the date to reflect Washington, DC as well. ;P

Monkey Man: between the heat and drought like conditions, it's like being in an oven!

Mama Zen: I discovered it by accident!

Ponita: the humidity is awful! Not as bad today but my mild asthma was ready to kick my butt Monday when I walked outside..felt like an elephant was sitting on me holding a wet blanket on my head!

Cheryl: is there any place left in the States not broiling or drowning?

Jingle said...

lovely 55.
stay near a pool,
bless you.