Monday, July 18, 2011

And Then Time Comes to Put Pen to Paper

 I admit it.  I'm sick and tired of what's currently passing for grown-ups in Washington, D.C..   I don't usually get involved with politics other than to vote; you don't vote, you have no right to complain. Besides, verbally complaining to your neighbor about what's wrong doesn't accomplish anything.  

Unfortunately, voting no longer seems to equal representation for all.  So today, I reached the "enough is enough" point and put pen to paper.  Well, words to e-mail utilizing the websites of my Congressman and Senators.   It may be an exercise in futility.  But hey, if nothing else, it brought my blood pressure back down to normal.  If I actually receive a reply, I'll share.

But don't hold your breath.  I don't consider political lectures a reply.

Dear Gentlemen:

I am unique in today’s world: I’m a S.C. native whose choice was to stay a lifelong resident because we have a state filled with wonderful people.   It’s with that in mind that I’m contacting you.  Although I understand how overwhelming certain aspects of your job can be, I believe it’s time to bring a little bit of S.C. to the Beltway.   Sadly,  it appears the din of partisan politics is drowning out the voices of the “common folk” of our great state who chose you to speak for us.   We’re talking, but I fear we’re not being heard.

For the past 24 years, I’ve worked in local government.  No, my system isn’t as large as yours, but I’m familiar with how it works…just with less funding.   I’m Director of a recreational Center for Senior Citizens.  I’m also the entire staff.  Local government has had its hands tied by unfunded mandates for so long we haven’t had a cost of living raise in four years and have dealt with furloughs as well. I’ve had to cut so many costs and corners that I practically work in a round room.

With that in mind, I truly appreciate that your job can be difficult and often trying.  However, you stepped forward and offered to represent our State, which encompasses whatever tasks arise.  Unfortunately, I fear the din of political partisanship has deafened you to what the people are actually saying.  We have grown weary of lecturing and posturing.  We don’t need 60 second sound bites for an argument that goes in circles.  We need you to be an adult and get the job done for ALL Americans, not just those who embrace your party. 

Americans aren’t just angry and frustrated.  Many of us are disheartened by the current approach to the country’s problems.  We understand if our households write checks for more money than we have, we go to jail.  You just keep spending.  Most neighbors seem to still be willing to lend each other a helping hand.  You can only help us if we belong to your party.  I see Americans who need help NOW.  You appear to only see Red or Blue Americans. 

Kindly take a step back from the microphones and reporters and ask yourself this, “Why did I take this job?  What did I hope to accomplish?”

Are you accomplishing it?

Sadly, for all the good you do achieve, people are currently viewing our representatives as a group of individuals with private perks who spend money like there’s no tomorrow and won’t accept a good idea if it means agreeing with someone wearing a different Team Shirt than yours. If you only take one thing away from my correspondence, I hope it’s this:  “With Liberty and Justice for All”….no matter their color or party affiliation. 

Thank you for your time.  Good luck to you.


Anonymous said...

Bravo!!! Very well written and it couldn't have been said any better by anyone. I can't wait to see if you get a response other than a lecture.

mapstew said...

What Thom said! I reall do hope you get some response after that! :¬)


Jimmy said...

You'd get my vote doll.

Titus said...

Well said, and good luck.
Yes, I'd vote for you too.

hope said...

Thom: in about 15 minutes I got a "thanks, we received your message and we'll get back to you if possible" form e-mail from 2 of the 3 men. Methinks if they actually READ my letter, that's all I'll get.

Map:thank you kindly. However, I have more faith in you folks than those political types. ;)

Jimmy: I'd vote for you just for using the word "doll" in a positive manner. ;)

Titus: I wonder what would happen if we kicked the good ol' boys out...and the loud women politicians and replaced them with normal people. :)