Saturday, June 25, 2011

Weekend Reflections

Thom has gotten me hooked on "Weekend Reflections".  Go visit him for the real rules.  Condensed version: post a photo you took, featuring a reflection.  The first photo is my entry; click on it for a larger version.  The second one is just.....well, you'll see.

I took this a couple of weeks ago while we were at the lake.  I usually don't get on the lake early enough to see the lotus flower...usually I only find the lotus pods, bearing seeds.

This is the same flower,
at a different angle as we floated past. 
 I don't know what you see, 
but I see something feline in nature. 


Anonymous said...

And to think I thought a Lotus was a car LOL. These are spectacular. Is that a pussy in the well perhaps? LOL These are beautiful. :) Thanks for playing.

Ponita in Real Life said...

It's the Small-headed Lotus Cat... a very rare species of miniature swimming feline. ;-)

Great photos, Hope!

hope said...

Thom: that odd "cat" wasn't visible to me until I downloaded the photos! Thanks...and I'll try to remember to keep the um "messy" ones for your other game. :)

Ponita: I KNEW you'd be able to identify that cat. ;)