Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Standing Ovation Dad!

 No, not my Dad.  This shout out is to one Dale Prince.  You might've heard about him recently.  Every day for this entire school year, he's dressed in a different costume to wave goodbye to his son, a sophomore in high school, as his bus pulls off.  Sure, the kid was embarrassed the first couple of times but who wouldn't love a Dad with a sense of humor?  Even if it's not your own Dad.  I hear the kids on the bus were soon waving back.

Mom joined in the fun by keeping a blog called Wave At The Bus You need a good laugh, visit.  There's a photo for each day, complete with comment.  The last "post" explains the whole concept and I'm guessing since this was in the news on Yahoo today, it'll get a lot of hits.

So excuse me as I go give this guy a high five for dressing as a Pirate the last day.  You see, the "peg leg" is real.  But it certainly hasn't stopped his sense of humor or the joy of making a family member smile.

You go, Dad!


Ponita in Real Life said...

I saw this too and think it's fantastic! What a great guy... and that kid will be telling his kids and grandkids all about it one day. And possibly even doing it a bit himself.

Titus said...

Genius! Particularly taken with white wedding and Batgirl. So much effort and ingenuity!
I wonder...?

steven said...

oh wow i laughed out loud at this - what a super cool guy!!! i cannot wait to share this with my kids who sometimes, and quite reasonably, find me embarrassing. i have nothing on this guy!!! steven

G-Man said...

This was sooo cool...Thanks

hope said...

Ponita: I can just see his son now saying, "Um Dad, save those costumes for your grandkids". :)

Titus: I don't see any reason why a MUM can't do the same to...I mean, for, her boys. ;)

steven: this will probably make many children across the world realize that perhaps their parents aren't the monsters they thought...or that at least, adults have a sense of humor.

G-Man: wasn't it? Glad you liked! Is that jerky done yet?