Friday, June 17, 2011

R.I.P Old Pal

Got the news when I came home tonight.  My dearly beloved Desktop P.C., known to me as Jackass, Jack for short,  is officially dead.

(Please note, Mr. G-Man, this is why hope was absent from Friday 55 today.)

And it wasn't just "regular" dead.  Oh no.  First the hard disk crashed....which is an awful sound in itself.   It was a 2002 after all and I worked it to death, evidently.  Yes, I know Thom.  You're in shock.  A 2002.  Hadn't even used half the disk space.  Breathe slowly. Somewhere along the way there had evidently been a weird power surge, despite the surge protector strip.  We did have a horrible storm the other night which made the alarm fry itself but this actually happened PRE-storm.  The computer was off by the time the lightning started.  

No my old friend also had, and I quote,"Well, some of the parts in your motherboard are um...bulging.  Sign of a massive overload somewhere along the way.  That's not good.  And um....I wouldn't plug it in again if I were you."

No problem.  It's all his.  They recycle...and I won't have to come pick it up.

Nice computer guy, came highly recommended.  He was honest...odd, to hear that in today's world, huh?  He told me what could be fixed and that it might last 2 weeks or two years...but he still wouldn't plug it in as if didn't seem safe.  Told me I could get a refurbished tower for the same thing he'd have charged me to fix things...had they been fixable.  He actually sounded sad when he advised there was absolutely nothing he could save when it came to my data.

Oh well, I've always backed up the important stuff.  Last week I just had a feeling...and printed out screen shots of my passwords. 
Then with a laugh Computer Guy added,"Usually, when we recycle, we reclaim the data for you, then destroy the original.  Seems the computer has already done that for us."  I laughed, saying I trusted him but it was somewhat comforting to know that the information for my husband's business wouldn't be floating around.  Then I asked for the bill.  What did I owe him for his trouble?

The answer?  $0.  Nothing.  Nada.

I insisted.  He reminded me that his ad stated, "Free consultation" and he was a man of his word.

Man, when word gets around about this guy, he'll have all the business he can stand.  And I plan to get out the word.

Now, anyone want to suggest a good computer before I go out tomorrow and try to find a "new friend"?  Why... to keep hubby in business of course.  Has nothing to do with blogging...or you my favorite friends. 


steven said...

it's sad to let an old "friend" go like that. for real life - my macbook is sweet as pie. it rides on my bike with me every day come rain, shine, snow whatever. it does everything i need at schiol, then it is used here for everything by myself, my son and my wife. imagine! i have only owned apple computers and they have all been foolproof, awesome, nice. steven

Brian Miller said...

sorry about your computer...

Anonymous said...

OMG I'm in room 6969 of the Carbonite intensive care unit at 4G Apple Blvd. iMac, HI 96821 recovering from the shock of the numbers 2002. My doctor, Dr. S. Jobs, insist I will make a 100% recovery after assuring me that Apples are the cure for all. Well that and this stud nurse i Mac Pro that has been very attentive. Please no flowers. Only Apples and iMacs allowed.

hope said...

steven: thanks...and it's even harder to make a "new" friend when the technology is different than before!

Brian: thank you.

Thom: a few more minutes of trying to find stuff and realizing I have to start my address book all over again (!) I'm gonna need a room.

Monkey Man said...

guess we all have an expiration date. glad it didn't keep you gone for long and nice to hear about an honest geek.

Life@Cee said...

Never heard of a bulging motherboard before. Getting a new computer sounds like fun, but it isn't when you're replacing a dead one. I hoped you're recovered soon.

hope said...

Life@Cee: guess it was some component on the motherboard. We use to have some wicked lightning strikes out here in the boonies. After losing 2 modems from lightning hitting the PHONE lines, I unplug the old DSL line every night when I turn off the computer. The computer guy thought perhaps one of the strikes that fried the modems might've done the damage...but he'd never seen anything like it. Leave it to me. :)