Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mid Week Laugh

It's too hot.  Already! And as much as I try to be that "glass half full" person,  this morning didn't start that way.  It's bad when you have to sink low enough to trick your Employer into doing the right thing by suggesting something reasonable.  While aiming to meet my company newsletter deadline in a timely manner, I keep hitting roadblocks...that would be the 3 Powers-that-be, who set the deadline.  So in a reverse psychology moment, I offered to, "lighten their load" while offering a "simple solution."  No, I didn't point out I'd already mentioned this same thing to the one who keeps holding things up...while she ignores me.  And I ever so politely added,  "I honestly feel as if I'm nagging you  if I pose a question more than once per issue."

Well OF COURSE I'm nagging them.  They only reply when they want to change something. 

Ironically, the guilty party (She Who Ignores) was the first to reply with, "No, of course you're not nagging!  And it's a wonderful idea!"

Oh, really?  Guess the fact I sent it to the Boss, then to her and the other dude made it more important.  And it was mere coincidence that the June issue, which was scheduled to go out last week, suddenly was distributed 10 minutes after my inquiry...and only moments before her applauding my brain?

Dear Lord.  Save me from Civil Servants in the Ivory Tower.

I did get my laugh though.  No, not when the Boss replied, "Great idea!  Makes the flow more efficient" or his underling replied, "Good enough for me."  No, I began typing the "Birthday List" for the July issue, which is done by date.  The last name for one person was POPE.

The next name on the same day was SINNER.

Stupid as that was, it made me laugh.  You'll never believe what the next name was on the list.



Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Thanks for the chuckle Hope, it hasn't been all the good with me lately, this made me smile.

hope said...

Hey Bill...I know you've been under the weather, the weather has been lousy and employment is a thorn in all our sides sometimes!

Here's wishing you better days ahead..soon!