Saturday, June 18, 2011

I'll get by with a little help from my friends...I hope

Yes, after last night's verdict that the old computer was toast, today I got a new one.  (Sorry steven & Thom, as much as I loved my first Mac, I've got too much of hubby's paperwork to switch back).

As smart as I thought I was, I realized that I didn't back up e-mail addresses or birthdays. 

....if you've already got my e-mail address, would you kindly send me yours?  Birthday would be nice too...don't have to admit the year if you don't want to.'re the best!

Me?  I'm trying to adjust to a danged 23" screen that may cause me to go blind!  Tomorrow I'll go back to sighing (Map, I forgot to back up the tunes!) and tears as I discover what else won't work with modern technology.  :)


steven said...

hi! i'm a mac user but i'm not one of those who is opposed to any other platform. there's so much good stuff out there that i say it's best to get what works for you and it looks like you did! enjoy the new machinery and i wish you many fun and profitable years from it! steven

savannah said...

i'm a mac and you're a pc, but we're still sisters. xoxoxox

Anonymous said...

And all that paperwork prevents you from switching back because?????????????? PFFFT!!!! OMG I'm going to have to send Studly Nurse i Mac Pro to show you how it's done. LOL Okay I'm going to say this only once. CARBONITE You wont be sorry. Now as for the birthday and email address...thinking...thinking...Oh I'll send it with Studly when he shows you how you can handle all that paperwork on are ya sitting down...iMAC!!!

mapstew said...

NO TUNES!!!!!?????



Jimmy said...

Never been a fan of the Mac masel. I cannae stand the sugary sweet buns and the tang of grease afterwards on my fingers.

Titus said...

Oh pants! Remember, with a little application you won't notice the difference in 3 months time. And this new one will do stuff you probably haven't dreamed of! And be faster.
And what a nice computer man below.

hope said...

steven: Mac was my first and I loved it but too much of Hubby's work is connected to that other system. :)

Sav: in my heart, I'm still a Mac. ;)

Thom: quiet down now, it's not good for your heart. I've heard of carbonite. The problem wasn't a failure to back up..well what didn't get backed up was MY failure. Sometimes technology is more complicated than it needs to be.

Map: Sigh. I still have some of the original CDs (like the one Ken sent me of Irish music) but sadly, I lost the Scottish one that Shug sent.

Jimmy: :)

Titus: the only up side was the nice computer guy. This screen is too damn big though! A lot to adjust to and software to add and yet I'm here, talking to all of you because THAT is more comfortable than the task at hand. :)