Monday, June 20, 2011

For Titus

THIS is what relaxing looks like from the proper angle.

Why yes, I was lying in the hammock when I took the picture.  
How else can you get a decent shot of how one works?

But please, don't compose a poem about hope lazing about.
My true confession?
I took this photo LAST spring.


Titus said...

Knots?! They have knots!? How can that much complexity be relaxing?!

steven said...

titus there has to be some tension in deliberately relaxing! steven

hope said...

Titus: Knots are only at the end, to keep it from unraveling...sorta like people. :)

steven: better the braided kind than the one grandma had of cloth. It was TOO flat and when you tried to lay down on it, it flipped you out!

Anonymous said...

Lazy days and Sundays always get me hanging on a hammock. LOL. Great photo