Saturday, June 11, 2011

For Thom

Every weekend, my buddy Thom plays a game called "Weekend Reflections".   It's a cool way to use water as a mirror,  as it were.

Well Thom,  this morning I saw something which made me think of a cross between Weekend Reflections and Muffed Target.  It's got water,  it's sort of shiny/reflective and it's not all clear.  What do you think? 

It's what I lovingly refer to as a "Country Car Wash".
We haven't had a good rain in about 2 weeks now,
so the farmers in the neighborhood are turning on their irrigation sprinklers.

And if you catch them just right,
you get a really clean car.


David Mark Williams - Poet said...

Loved the photos, Hope. Mebbe there's a poem there for me in those images. Thanks for your comment on my blog about Kim's photo. Can't seem to comment on your comment on my blog. the technology not working for me today!

hope said...

DMW: I know the feeling. Blogger has been cranky lately. Glad you came by!

steven said...

so cool photos. i love to see anything through the blur of fog or rain or snow or anything really. it makes you reconsider the scene. steven

Monkey Man said...


Titus said...

Waah! I was so hoping for a UFO!

Enchanted Oak said...

The refraction of light through water is a blooming miracle whatever the source.

Anonymous said...

Danger Will Robinson Danger LOL OMG How perfect. These are excellent. Mahalo for the shout out. Nope it wasn't scared of Monday June's just we just got back from camping I put the stuff away and had to get to work...blech!!!! Keep this up and you will be as good a photographer as I am ROFLMAO!!!