Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Everyone Has to Start Somewhere

I'm guessing it's this little Mockingbird's first time being a Mama.  Sure, she chose a place that was sheltered from the sun and rain.  Hubby tried to convince her to build elsewhere, as her choice wasn't too great.  He gently removed her work, laying it to one side.  She watched him from the power line, more interested than unhappy.

When Hubby was done and went back inside, Mama M. merely picked up her supplies....

....and built it right back.

After a few days, she made a deposit.

Hubby actually picked up the nest, with Mama M watching, and moved it into another "container".  Why?  Because this is where she built her little home.

She and Hubby reached a compromise: he was allowed to place her nest in a smaller tire, which now sits on top of this one.  When he wants to go fishing, Hubby places the smaller tire in a chair next to where the boat is, with a card board box to shelter it from wind.  When he comes back, he places the smaller tire back on top of her "original" location choice.

Mama M. has a bird condo.

I'm guessing it worked.  Hubby has taken the boat out fishing a couple of times since then....and Mama M added 3 more eggs.  Hubby wondered about her mothering skills as she often left the nest mid-day rather than sit on the eggs.  

I laughed that as hot as it's been, she's probably afraid of overcooking them. (We girls have to stick together, right?)  As the new Mrs. Walter she doesn't have to worry about invaders as ol' Walter has been having a field day chasing off birds which come within 100 yards of the boat.  No, I don't think it's instinct.  I think he actually ENJOYS running things off.

Yesterday, at least 3 little M's. made their debut.  Rather than chasing us off when we neared her home, she sat on the wire overhead, allowing us to walk up and take a peak.  Even Bou walked up yesterday and sniffed at the nest, but didn't touch it.  She sat there, like a proud mama. Walter sailed past, hot on the tail of a black bird twice his size.  Walter won.

Mama M's made a new friend.  Seems Hubby is going to help her relocate a little higher off the ground now that she's got kids...before the neighborhood cat finds out there's new folks in the neighborhood.  Gives "moving on up" a whole new meaning.

Now if only he could teach the Wrens not to build homes inside the boat motor, on the wheel of the four wheeler and/or riding lawnmower or under the hood of his truck.


Ponita in Real Life said...

Amazing she doesn't go ballistic when you get close to the nest! But I love that Hubby has taken such good care of her nest and the babies. And Mr. Bird seems to take his protection duties quite seriously... but he doesn't go after you guys or Bou? Interesting... ;-)

septembermom said...

It's very nice to see that Daddy Bird is so protective.

hope said...

Ponita: "Walter" is the daddy bird and he's been around here so long, I think he nods when I tell him hello. He's even flown, casually, into Hubby's archery shop. Looked around, sat on the register, then flew out when bored. In fact, Mama M sits on the wire and lets us look at the nest, even Bou. Today there were 4 birds. Bou saw an intruder trying to get to the nest [cat from out of nowhere] and ran it off! Mama M. just let me look in and count heads, then calmly flew in with dinner when I slipped away.

Septembermom: Yep, Walter is quite the trooper!