Saturday, June 4, 2011


I've finally discovered how to recover from a crappy week.  You begin your day with something WONDERFUL.  And my Mom, Queen of Breakfast, would be so proud.  Well, after I explain the part about how fresh fruit is good for you.

This is what I ate for breakfast this morning.

Well no, mine didn't look THIS fancy.  But it was that good! 

I bought fresh strawberries yesterday and cut them up for Friday night dessert.  But the t.v. program we were watching at dessert time was so bad, I fell asleep.  Not really hungry when dragging myself from couch to bed.

And yet, those strawberries looked so good when I opened the refrigerator this morning. 

"Sensible Me" noted that dessert was not made for breakfast. 

"Grumpy Adult Me" countered that eating a waffle with real maple syrup was actually worse.

Then "Kid Me" chimed in with, "Do you remember years ago reading a story about 'Strawberry Shortcake for Dinner'?  It was one of those Reader's Digest feel good stories about a grown woman remembering the time from her childhood when it was so hot, no one wanted to eat, but their Mother insisted.  And when Mother pushed and asked what would taste good, the youngest kid in the family piped up with, 'Strawberry shortcake!'.  Rather than make the adult frowny face, the mother laughed and a tradition was born.  Every year, on the hottest night of summer, the family ate Strawberry shortcake for dinner.  Just that...nothing else!"

"Besides," added Kid Me, "breakfast is the most important meal of the day."

True, it's not technically summer yet.  Although with temperatures hovering this week at 95 degrees and up (or 35C + to some of you) it's felt like summer.  Hot.  Humid.  Miserable.

And sometimes... I get tired of being sensible.  Predictable.  Boringly normal. 

Which is why I found myself sitting down to a small, sensible serving of Strawberry Shortcake for breakfast this morning.  I would've added how the whip cream was a serving of dairy...but Hubby pointed out I'd bought non-dairy stuff.  And I guess trying to place sponge cake in the "bread" category is pushing it.

But it was delicious!

So least I ate breakfast.  With fresh fruit.  That's what counts, right?

I'm gonna pretend I heard you say, "Right."


Ponita in Real Life said...

Hey, if it's 95, it's summer. No matter what month of the year it is! And strawberry shortcake is perfect! You get your carbs, you get your dairy, you get a serving of fruit. What's wrong with that??? Eureka, indeed. ;-)

Titus said...

Yum. Mega-yum. I think we are going to have to try that. Does it count if I have it at 11am?

Jannie Funster said...

PERFECT breakfast!!! Good for you.

And I'm even hungrier than ever now!!


Jimmy said...

Hmmm... now I need to get back in the car and find some strawberries. I could really go something nice right now.

Jerry said...

It probably has less calories than some of the breakfasts I've encountered. And it looks yummy!

Monkey Man said...

Fruit. Dairy. Carbs. Perfect.