Thursday, June 16, 2011


 If Bou was a statue....

...he'd look like this.
Well, except for the blue eyes 
and the fact this little solar powered version 
glows PURPLE at night.  
(Who knew?)
Usually this metal version sits at the top of our front steps...
so the sun can charge him up.

Explains why Bou goes over every night 
and stands nose to nose with the "Purple Puppy", 
as if expecting him to DO something.

However, right now Bou's busy taking nap #45, 
so he'll be fully rested before coming in to
knock my hand off the computer keyboard 
to request I prepare his dinner.

Have to give him credit...
he waits until it's time for the 2 legged critters 
to head toward the kitchen for THEIR dinner.


Anonymous said...

A striking image :) Hey, I've always heard that one's pet looks like it's owner? Any truth to the rumor? LOL Love that photo of Bou and the statute. But my all time fav is the FB picture. :)

Monkey Man said...

A dog's life. Wish I was on nap #45 today.

hope said...

Thom: well, Hubby and Bou's Dad appeared similar in hair color...they both turned gray at about the same rate. My hair's more mousy brown. One day, you might get to see what I look like. Don't like being in front of the camera.

Monkey Man: as we speak, SOMEONE is hitting my arm off the keyboard to demand dinner!