Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spring Vacations are for....

...home improvement.  
Well, mine are.  

Something about May brings out the, "When's the last time we painted this room?" feeling. 

We painted the living room and bathroom on Sunday.  Re-tiled the bathroom floor on Monday.  Hubby had to go back to work but since his shop is behind our house, he keeps coming back in to help when he can.

Tonight we hang new blinds in the living room.  Til then, it's laundry for me.

I'll be back.  A girl can only work so much during her time off.

Now, where did I put that hammer? 


Ponita in Real Life said...

Ooooo! You'll have a brand new home in no time! Do we get to see??? ;-)

savannah said...

it must be a feeling sweeping the south, sugar, that i am trying to resist! xoxoxoxo

steven said...

i like the dance of the unnecessary with the urgency of freshening up or cleaning or redesigning a space. enjoy the journey! steven

Monkey Man said...

Hope you get some rest on your holiday.

mapstew said...

I hate the thoughts of decorating, and once had rolls of wallpaper in the house for 4 years before finally hanging it! But when I get started the whole house gets done! :¬)


hope said...

Ponita: I will do my best to find a camera...soon as I find a curtain for the bathroom window...complicated by car in shop. ;)

Sav: I'll just say I'm doing the work for both of us and save you. ;)

steven: amongst the tidying up I have found a couple of muscles that evidently don't get used on a daily basis. :) Perhaps next time I'll find the ladder rather than stretch so hard.

Monkey Man: I'm working on it...finding a place to hide and rest!

Map: You will NEVER find wallpaper in my house! When we moved in, the sellers had "spruced it up to sell" by using the ugliest red and black wallpaper known to mankind in the kitchen, put on with the world's toughest glue. And then they painted the living room Pepto Bismol pink. Trust me, it's worth googling that (it's a stomach remedy) just to see the hideous color!

Titus said...

Hooray for you! No, May for me says 'The Birthday Season has started.' Best not to ask about the Survival Adventure Party planned for June 1st.

Good luck with the home improvements, but please find the time to sit down and enjoy them!

hope said...

Titus I did sit down...and then read that Rachel Fox visited my dream location of Monument Valley. (I actually have that as my screen saver on the laptop!)

So I swallowed my jealousy, which doesn't taste bitter if you swallow fast, then went on to play a game. :)

Hubby is going deep sea fishing tomorrow so I will take the time to do just ME stuff...if my car's back from the shop. ;)