Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sing Me a New Song

Got in the car this morning and the first thing I heard was a mournful male voice singing, "It's not easy....to be....me."

Didn't know that would be today's theme song.  Sigh.

So rather than bore you with the mundane details of the overworked/under appreciated public servant, I'll just share what I've been mumbling to myself since Monday.

"Just get to Friday.  Get to Friday and you get next week off.  A vacation from your desk is... almost as good as jetting around London like Map." 



Ponita in Real Life said...

Ah... Five for Fighting... the Superman song. I love that tune!

Hope you make through the week... and have a lovely week off next week! Although probably not as much fun (or as expensive) as Map's jaunt about London. ;-)

steven said...

there should be a "batteries depleted" light on people shouldn't there pauline!! hit the road and have a recharging holiday!! steven

Peggy said...

I'm looking forward to Friday too.
Recharging is a VERY good thing.

Titus said...

Sorry things are pants at the moment (that's underwear, not trousers) and here's to Fridays!

Who is Map?

Monkey Man said...


Jimmy said...

We all live for Friday, it's why beer tastes that little bit better at the end of every week.

hope said...

Ponita: thanks! I'll just tell myself that I'm saving money staying closer to home. :)

steven: even the space AWAY from the desk will help the batteries recharge.

Peggy: I was JUST looking for your e-mail address to check on you! You're never far from my thoughts!

Titus: Thursday will be the worst day..making Friday the 13th look like a picnic. :) I have been tapped once again to spend the afternoon doing the job of that other co-worker who is now out permanently with disability. Odd, every time something goes wrong, they come hunting for me. Sadly, it's not a compliment. As for "Map", that's the lovable Mapstew, our Irish singer, whose blog you'll find listed in my favorites.

Monkey Man: Yes sir! :)

Jimmy: then kindly have a beer FOR me, would ya? Thanks! :)