Monday, April 18, 2011

Truth IS Stranger Than Fiction

Below is the headline of a news e-mail I received today. Why yes, that was the sound of a small soapbox being drug out of the corner.  I'll keep it short.

(Reuters) - President Barack Obama said he challenged Republicans to try to repeal his landmark healthcare reform in private budget talks last week, taunting his opponents with a question: "You think we're stupid?"

Why yes, Mr. President, I do.  

But don't feel bad.  I think the same thing about Republicans. It's why I vote Independent.

Oddly enough, I never thought I'd grow up to believe the worst thing for my country would be a 2 party political system. (Yes, I'm omitting all the other um...interesting ones).  Problem is, those 2 systematically fight...and there's never a party to make up when all the shouting is done.  

Then again, maybe the shouting never stops.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen of the House and Senate....(or should I say Boys and Girls?)  I'd like to point out how simple life could be if you'd quit wasting time keeping score.

We're the UNITED States of America.  Not the Blue and Red fiefdoms of a geographic area, soon to be reapportioned thanks to the Census and the Justice Department.  So how about shut up and listen for a few moments to We the People.  That would be those of us who pay taxes even when the percentage seems unfair.  We balance our home budgets on what you people don't take and squander.  And almost have enough left over to purchase a tank of gas.  Almost.

Now Mr. President, with all due respect, could you kindly finish THE FIRST FOUR YEARS before you start planning for the next four?  And for the record, some of us were raised to believe that "private" conversations were suppose to be just that; private.  No wonder you kids can't get along.  No one follows the Golden Rule.  The Biblical one, not the Wall Street version.

What happened to the grown-ups of my youth?  Oh yeah, they all grew up to be cast members in "The Emperor's New Clothes".

And I'm just the kid who grew up to see that the Emperor is still naked.


Jimmy said...

Is the President of Amerikay for real? Only, he doesn't appear to be much good from what we see from this side of the water.

hope said...

Seems like his campaign slogan of "Yes we can!" only applies to what he likes.

Politicians....I feel about them like you feel about priests.

Charlie said...

Zinger to Jimmy, Hope.

You keep your soapbox in the corner; I leave mine in the middle of the floor because I use it so much. Thing is, everyone trips over it all the time.

Seriously, I'm worried for our country. With virtually no leadership in the 21st century, we have 2½ never-ending wars, no skilled jobs, banks & health insurance companies running rampant to rape us, a housing debacle that continues to continue, an education system that is hugely top heavy—and of course, the gamesmanship in Washinton.

It seems to me like we're down to one party, a trinity that cannot agree on anything:

1. The Republidems, all those Democrats who won't back the Speechifier.

2. Some few Republicans in the middle—a bit liberal, a bit conservative (this is where I fit).

3. The whacked-out tea-party Republicans, the God and Guns group, who embarass all the other Republicans.

Like everyone else, I have no idea where we're headed, but I'm going to take a wild guess that it's down.