Saturday, April 9, 2011

On a Lighter Note

Inquiring minds want to know.  So let's just say I used my Friday 55 to vent.  Cheaper than an ulcer and you folks are always kind and understanding.  So in return, I'm sharing a little ditty my Mom passed along to me.  Laughter is truly the universal language and weekends with laughter are even better.  Enjoy!

And no Map, you're NOT in this category.  Not for at least another 40 years.  ;)


Jimmy said...

In 40 years Map will be at least 105.

steven said...

he's a clever boy!!! steven

Anonymous said...

I'm already there LOL

savannah said...

that ain't right, sugar! but so damn close to the truth!!! ;~D xoxoxoxo

mapstew said...

105? And still singing! :¬)

hope said...

And Jimmy, my guess is he'll still be singing. Oh with a "cheat sheet" holding the words, but singing none the less. ;)

steven: it was worth a giggle.

Thom: I do wonder when life sped up. Yesterday I read "Spock" was 80 and Letterman 64. Really?

Sav: laugh lines are permissible, right? :)

Map: well of COURSE you will be!

Jannie Funster said...

That guy is way way talented and I loved each and every one of his old rocker parodies + Garth. Amazing how he slipped right into each character, with great guitar playing, and excellent singing.

Fun! Jello, again, Jello. :)

And your button is UP, thanks to a bit of insomnia on my part.