Friday, April 29, 2011

I Need a Nap

First there was hiding Easter eggs last Saturday, followed by the usual cooking for the seniors on Tuesday.  

Then Senior Fitness games came along Wednesday and Thursday.   Let's just say I was stuck working with a younger I-know-it-all-cause-I've-been-to-college-and-I'm-still-going-to-college co-worker.  Didn't matter I already have my college degree, it didn't take me 6 years to get it and that this was my 19th Sr. Games.  No, we were going to do things her way...or else.

"Or else" was implied.  I'm 5'1" and she's almost six feet tall.  Five feet of that is all attitude and not the kind your Mama encourages.  

Long story short; for the "Softball Throw" event, which is exactly what it sounds like, we traditionally only measure the longest of each participant's three throws.  Miss Thing decreed we would measure all three.  (Repeat with me... "or else").  I explained this would slow us down too much as there were many participants and other games to handle.  She didn't care.  We were going to do it HER way because it was HER event.

You'll think I caved.  Because we did it her way.  

I'd prefer to think of it as the Seniors were suppose to have fun, not witness a power struggle, comical though it might have been.  So up and down I went, three times per participant, like a cork bobbing in the water.  

"It'll be over soon," I kept mumbling to myself as she continued to yank so hard on the measuring tape that she almost planted me face first a couple of times.  I don't know what her problem was, but she obviously had one and I was the closest target at hand.

And it would've been over soon.  But, not exactly a stickler for Rules and Regulations, Miss Thing kept allowing more and more Seniors to line up to throw.  They're suppose to sign up in advance.  As in three weeks ago.  By this time, I figured "or else" might get me tied up with the measuring tape.  Up and down I went, the sun shining hotter and hotter on the top of my lily white head.

I learned three things from this attempt at diplomacy:

1.  Having to move a tape measure back and forth isn't bad, but stooping down to hold it in place while it's whipped around by another angry soul is hard on the knees and the equivalent of doing 120 leg squats for over an hour during a hurricane.

2.  Lily white people who generally avoid the noon day sun should wear a hat.  Sure, it wasn't my event to handle but that doesn't take away from the fact the top of my head is shining red when my hair parts.

3.  The seniors had fun.  They laughed.  Giggled.  Cheered each other on.  Mission accomplished.

I'm just thankful that we don't meet again until Monday night's Awards Banquet.  Because right now, they're walking a whole lot faster than I can.


Ponita in Real Life said...

Oh dear. No fun for you... but sounds like lots of fun for the seniors. Worth the trade-off? I hope your head feels better soon. Aloe vera gel helps!

hope said...

Ponita: I just kept thinking that these ladies/gentlemen have known me for a LONG time and if I'd handed this kid her head, even rightly so, they would've been disappointed in ME.

But some days, that glass half full thing is hard to maintain. ;) Thanks for the aloe reminder!