Saturday, April 30, 2011

For Kim: My Favorite Scottish Photographer

I like to take pictures,  but I'm no photographer.  Kim, our resident professional photographer,  recently shared a beautiful shot of his daughter Meg and a dandelion.  Go take a look and make sure you visit his photo site as well.  It's worth the trip!

I joked that I don't see dandelions as weeds, but as wishes in the making.  Here are a couple for Kim from my back yard.  Go on...make a wish!





debra said...

Nice :-) We also have plenty of dandelions---none ready for wishes yet, though.

Ponita in Real Life said...

Okay, now I have to dig out a dandelion photo for Kim from when I lived on the farm! It's certainly not current, but I'm betting there will be tons of them this year! I envy the greenness you have already, Hope.

Ponita in Real Life said...

And here is the link to said dandelion pic!

Jimmy said...

Scottish? Scottish? He is English.

hope said...

debra: I'm sure gardeners everywhere would love to "cure" our lawn but I live in the country...and I think they're pretty. ;)

Ponita: what a beautiful photo! And although we do have green, I did take that one last spring.

Jimmy: great, only I can create an international incident by praising someone. :) So then, I guess you'll have to send something for my "Scottish wall" at the Center. Mostly poetic at the moment, it hosts a poetry map/card about Robert the Bruce and a spider from Shug (who is as Scottish as you), poetry cards from two other Scottish poets who yes, are of English birth, an piece of artwork from one of their twin boys and one of Kim's photos. I have two ladies born in Scotland who seek out that corner of the room and smile a lot. Then I get to hear stories of their youth, which I love. Guess I'll be coming to you when I track down the origins of that Scottish relative I found in the family tree. ;)

Kim Ayres said...

I may be English, but I've lived in Scotland for over half my life; my wife and kids are Scottish; and it is my home far more than England will ever be. So it worries me not if I'm called Scottish :)

However, far more importantly, I appreciate having a post dedicated to me - that makes me feel truly special - thank you :)

hope said...

Kim: you're most welcome!

mapstew said...

I'm Irish. (Of Scottish descent, though Da was very dark, as were all his siblings, well all the ones I ever met, and I think there was some hint of Mediterranean in the genes.)

In Ireland we call dandelions 'pissy beds'!
I know not why. :¬)


hope said...

Map: I know, they don't make them more Irish than you. :)

So kindly pour Jimmy a drink so he'll calm down and speak to me in the future. ;)

Kim Ayres said...

Tying in with Mapstew's comment - when I was a kid it was always said "if you pick dandelions you'll wet the bed!"

I think it's because dandelion is a natural diuretic