Friday, April 1, 2011

Bus Ride

I haven't ridden on a bus in oh....about two weeks, when I went on the infamous field trip with the nephew.

Every week Titus and her poetically minded buddies, with head Driver TFE, get on the Poetry Bus.  The idea is that the week's "Driver"  picks a theme.  To ride along, all you have to do is craft a poem utilizing said theme.  Poetry is not my specialty. 

But due to southern guilt over leading Titus down a bumpy road to a bad photographic illustration of her theme, I decided my penance would be a poem.  After all, she has a plan here, which involves a good deed and fund raising for Arthritis Care across the pond.

Titus had us on a veritable ark, where she listed several animals to chose from.  Of course I picked one of the more um....unusual of the species, whose picture is below.  My "ticket" follows.  

Of course after she reads this, my penance might be that I have to PUSH the bus.
Did you ask to take my photo?
Must you really gape and stare?
Yes, I realize my appearance seems
to be crafted from parts labeled “Spare”.

I’m not a mouse on steroids.
Nor a midget kangaroo.
I’ve radar ears, but no bat kin.
I’m no minuscule monkey.  They throw poo.

That sound you heard was not a scream.
I was simply calling Mum.
We have to be home by sunrise.
Before the larger eaters come.

To review. I’m agile.  Acrobatic. 
Fearless, leaping tree to tree.
To you I seem small and startled.
Well you look kind of strange to me.


Titus said...

That sure looks like a ticket to me! Great stuff, I particularly like "They throw poo."

Can I have it for the book? E-mail me if that's OK.

hope said...

If you are not ashamed to admit you know me....

Larry said...

Bravo Bravo i like they throw poo Too. Oh geese I'm a poet and didn't know it.
I like It Hope.

Thanks for being you and thanks for the visits to my place I appreciate them.

kite day

Thanks for reading and for your comments.

steven said...

cute little guy!!! steven

Rachel Fox said...

Welcome to the Bus...

Enchanted Oak said...

Poetry might not be your "specialty" but you write a rollicking poem anyway. I read it three times 'cuz the words just roll off the tongue with great character.

Ride again!

Argent said...

Lovely light-hearded stuff. Very enjoyable.

Jimmy said...

Simply delightful.

hope said...

Thanks Larry. We all have to put a toe outside our comfort lines sometimes.

steven: isn't he though? Some of them, however, have much bigger eyes!

Rachel: just following your lead and taking a trip I'm not familiar with. :)

Enchanted Oak: wow, high praise from someone who really knows how to do this!

Argent: and light was what I aimed for.

Jimmy: those 2 words touch me more than you know. :)

Helen said...

What fun! We humans looking strange to these little creatures! I really enjoyed this.

Peggy said...

Great job Hope;
I am really impressed. You are so good!
I want more.
(you can't throw anything at me cause I'm too far away! :) He HE)

The Bug said...

I love it! My favorite part is "crafted from parts labeled 'Spare.' That's how I feel about my own self sometimes :)

izzy said...

Well done! and fun. they do have the most round saucery eyes- great ticket.

Dave King said...

That's the crunch point isn't it? We all look strange to others. Apt metaphor.

Emerging Writer said...

Cute poem. Cute animal. Cute vision too!

Jinksy said...

Reminds me of one or two sayings 'All the world's queer save thee and me, and even thee's a little queer!" And the second 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!' Bushbaby has the same ideas I guess! :)

Peter Goulding said...

You really captured the voice of the Bushbaby, I reckon. Welcome onboard

120 Socks said...

Apart from it being a great poem, I just really liked that you questioned the intrusion of man over creature. Bravo.

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Would that be Thom's bus you were riding on? I used to have a bus and in the process of getting my School Bus Driver's Licence, so you might in future be on my bus.

Wonderful poem, Oh my cats do like to toss poo, one gets so involved with keeping the Litter box tidy some of it makes it to the floor.

You have a wonderful week Hope.

NanU said...

Much fun, Hope! you've really captured that lemur's look.

hope said...

Helen: I just thought it was funny, considering how much time "people" spend looking in a mirror. :)

Peggy: aw, you say the nicest things! Hope you're feeling better.

The Bug: being short, I sometimes feel like they forgot to even LOOK in the spare parts box for me. :)

izzy: thank you. I had no idea a Bushbaby could have an attitude. :)

Dave King: I miss visiting you! Life keeps interfering but I did pop my head in this time!

Emerging Writer: why, thank you!

Jinksy: you made me laugh, which is always welcome on Mondays! :)

Peter G: I usually just wave at y'all as the bus goes by. But this time, Titus got me on a good day. :)

120 Socks: well, I guess they were here first. :)

Bill: ah, the Bus belonged to Titus the Dog this week. The serious poetic types do this every week and well! I decided to get on and ride around the block. :)

NanU: Thanks! One look and all I could hear was that little fella yelling, "What are YOU looking at?" One more minute, and he'd have turned into DeNiro yelling, "You looking at me?!"

Kat Mortensen said...

Excellent! I sure hope you're planning on sticking around! That's a valid ticket, in my book - in anyone's really.


Kat Mortensen said...

P.S. I loved the line, "I was simply calling Mum."

Doctor FTSE said...

I liked the mouse on steroids best.

Lucy Westenra said...

A very entertaining take on the prompt. Like it.

hope said...

Hi Kat! Don't know that I can keep up with you "Pros" but it was fun to do something different!

Doctor FTSE: secretly, that's my favorite too. :)

Lucy: thanks! You're too kind.

mapstew said...

I really thought I had already left a comment! (I must start having cereal for breakfast instead of 'Bud'!)
Well anyhoo, I like! :¬)


Larry said...

Hopes Questions