Friday, March 11, 2011

TGIF and then some!

Odd, annoying, sad and sleepless week.   

Hubby, who NEVER gets sick, has the cold from hell and still trying to shake it if it doesn't shake a lung out of him first.  He can't sleep, so I can't sleep.   I'm guessing it's like new parent sleep deprivation...minus the baby.  

Then the pollen moved into my head during the kite flying contest and I'm walking like a drunk who hasn't even put in the effort to lift a glass of anything.  The antihistamine is kicking in but not fast enough to keep my head from feeling like a balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.

Add to this the fact one of my favorite seniors died.   She was a champion fact would stop you in mid sentence with, "And where is my hug?"  A smile that would light up a room and  the only person I know who loves chocolate more than me.  Sadly she was on a ventilator for almost two weeks before the decision was made to remove it.  {NOTE: If you love your family, MAKE A LIVING WILL!}  The fact that this lovely woman had one, courtesy of one of the speakers we had at the Center several years back, made me able to look her husband in the eye to softly remind him, "You don't have to make the decision.  She's already made it for you."  He looked relieved.

Today, I had to leave a group at my site to go to another Center for a monthly "Senior Get Together".  I don't like leaving a group alone in my building...what if something happens to them?  My Supervisor's reply is always, "They're adults.  They'll be fine."

Yep.  Except the "meeting" I went to was an HOUR late starting, so the group  at my place left before I returned and forgot to lock the doors.  Sigh.

I'll be the first to admit I hate these monthly functions as they've gone from seniors having fun to who can outdo each other. with big meals and gifts.  They're  mandatory...and yet the seniors who host have to pay.   I actually found my backbone and refused to host one...startled that 2 other Centers followed suit.  Today's being late and needing to slip out was a comedy of errors and social no-nos.  You have no idea how awkward it was to be the only lily white face in the crowd sneaking out the door as the "Speaker" ,who was a Minister, was wound up tight in his sermon...I mean "speech", about living with grace.  I'm sure those who don't know me or were unaware I had a legitimate reason to leave will have something to say about my exit.  Had I known about the unlocked door, I'd have gone faster!

It wasn't until I was at my desk this afternoon, head pounding, that I actually read the handout given to me.  It made me laugh.  An oldie but goody, maybe it'll put a smile on your face too.  Click on it to get the easy to read version.

And I'd call Mom,
but she's out and about...enjoying life.


Anonymous said...

Loved your post! I hope your hubby recovers soon from his cold, and your head recovers from the pollen (this said from a woman whose front lawn is still blanketed by 3 feet of snow). I hope your family knows your final wishes and that they won't need to be concerned about them for many years to come. I hope your mom continues to be 'out and about' for many years to come, and I hope you know joy the way your writing brings joy to others.

steven said...

hope what a rich ride through life's big and small decisions and especially through some of life's impositions! steven

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Hope you are both feeling better soon. THis was a fun post to read, sounds like you found your joy in life. Read the inspirational message, I love to call my mum but can only do it in Private Thoughts.

A wonderful weekend is wished for you.

hope said...

#1 "Compliment 3 people a day". So we'll start with the firs three here. :)

Sylviamorice you always have a sunshiny outlook and make me smile. May you have a wonderful weekend!

steven: you always find the beauty in life and gracefully share it. Thank you!

Bill: you always care for the welfare of others, which is becoming a lost art. Your Mom would be proud...and you can tell her I said so. ;)

Titus said...

Oh pants, I hope y'all (does that offically mean both of you?) are feeling better now.
I don't know if I'll get to own a convertible, and to be quite frank the weather round here doesn't exactly make it an attractive proposition.
Jumper cables in the trunk? What use is a load of wool in the attic?!
Love to you.

Mark from Dallas said...

following !