Monday, March 7, 2011

March is Women's Month

 So take a moment to thank the women in your life, then help protect those who aren't as fortunate to have you by their side.  Just click...and corporations do the donating.  

Somewhere, a woman will be grateful...even if she can't tell you in person.   

Stop Violence Against Women


mapstew said...

Clicked. :¬)


Ponita in Real Life said...

Me clicked too. :-)

Jimmy said...

See me? I've no problem clicking with the ladies. I see it as my pleasure.

Titus said...

Great stuff. Clicking.

savannah said...

done and will do again tomorrow! thanks, sugar. and thanks again for all the kind words and support. xoxoxox

hope said...

Big hugs and smiles for Map, Ponita, Jimmy,Titus and Savannah!

I've been going to for years and "clicking" to save rainforests, ocean, feed children, no to violence on women...and there are many more to choose from!

Instead of merely assigning you "points" to collect for a trinket gift in the future, care2 allows you to convert those points into more services...which means I've been able to donate to Clean Drinking Water and Mosquito Nets to prevent disease more than once.

Nice to give...nicer when you're aided by big business that cares.

G-Man said...

Women are violent to ME!!!