Thursday, March 17, 2011

Living Green

 Okay, today is for positive thinking.  That happens after you survive the day on a Field Trip with an 11 year old nephew whose only speed is ZOOM!

Catalog Choice is a great organization which allows you to opt out of those unwanted catalogs.  They've been especially helpful to me as the late aunt was a catalog junkie...and her mail came to my house....which meant 2 MORE catalogs, one to me and one to "Resident".  I've been able to weed out most of them and my mailman Alfred smiles more now.

Catalog Choice is in a contest for the "Green Awards", which praises organizations which find a way to make the world a better, greener place.  If you're interested in helping them win...and keep people like Alfred smiling, take a moment to vote.  They promise not to mail you anything...because they don't ask for your street address.  Unless you chose additional mailings, a confirmation e-mail is all you'll receive.

It's worth a minute of your time.  You can vote daily until March 27.  On their behalf, I thank you.

VOTE for Catalog Choice here.


Peggy said...

For you Hope, anything.
Besides I sure need to opt out!
Happy St Paddy's Day my friend!

Titus said...

You wait till I send two over! Little Paddington Bear labels on them...

hope said...

Thanks Peggy! Got home late from work and missed my daily reading!

Titus...oh no, not bears. I love bears. I'm too old to love stuffed bears. But I do. :)